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The Club Friendly Matches are played against other local bowling Clubs and Associations and run throughout the year.

They are a great way to experience bowling at other Clubs around Kent and to bowl with and against people you may not normally do so. The matches are competitive but friendly and, for those who wish, are a great ‘stepping stone’ to representing the Club in Kent League games.

All members are encouraged to join in with these Matches. If you are a relatively new bowler you will be put with more experienced bowlers who can guide you through the game.

The games will usually be triples and generally mixed (men and women playing together).

The matches tend to be played on weekdays during the winter (with Kent League games dominating the weekend fixtures) and at weekends during the summer. See here for the Summer Fixtures.

Generally dinner will follow a full game of bowls (18 ends for triples) with a short break halfway through for tea and coffee. You do not have to stay for dinner but most people do. You will sit with your 'rink' team-mates and opponents, and it's a great way to get to know people from other clubs. 

If the match starts at 2pm and you stay for dinner you can thus expect to be finished at around 6.30pm.

Shared transport will be arranged for away games, typically leaving the Club somewhere between 12pm and 1pm and returning somewhere between 7pm and 8pm. Details of transport arrangements will be advertised on the Match ‘sign up sheets’ that go up on the Club noticeboards shortly before each match.

Dress for Friendly Matches is club shirt, but not obligatory if you don't have one. It is also preferred to have Club stickers on your bowls to make identification easier. You can purchase both shirts and stickers direct from the Club Stewards.

If you fancy playing in one of these Friendly Matches you can simply put your name on the Match ‘sign up sheets’ mentioned above. The relevant Captain will select the team for each match shortly before the day. If over-subscribed not everyone who puts their name up will get to play but the Captains will ensure everyone gets a chance to play through the season.

The charge for the game, paid on the day, will encompass rink fees, dinner and where relevant transport.

Go on….sign up for a game soon!

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