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Membership Application Form / Renewal 

Subscriptions are due annually on September 1st. The rates for the 2023 / 2024 season are below.

New members joining during the year pay a proportionate rate, reflecting the month of joining, then renewal at the standard member rate on the following September 1st. See below for proportionate rates.

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2023 - 24 Subscriptions and Rink Fees


Membership Fees
Full Bowling Membership £95.00
Assisted Bowlers (incl social) £34.00
Social Membership £34.00
Social + Summer Bowling £38.00
Junior Membership £20.00
Family - Session only bowling  * £50.00
Family - Session only bowling + social * £68.00
Full Family Membership ** £200.00


*  All Family Membership Fees are per family. A family includes 2 adults plus their juniors.

** Full family membership grants Full Membership to 2 adults plus junior membership to their juniors.



Rink Fees per bowler per session


23 / 24 season

Standard Session

2 hour option (specified sessions only)

1 hour (cannot be pre-booked)







National/ County Double Session   £6.00

Specified Assisted Bowling Session*




Specified Junior Bowling Session*   £2.00
Social Member (anytime)**   £7.00
Members Guests (Note: 4 free tasters)   £7.00
Approved Special Needs (1 hour)   £2.00
Public Rink Minimum Charge   £27.00 ***

* If not specified session then standard session fee applies
** A minimum rink charge of £22.00 unless playing with a Full Member and then a full session must be paid for.
*** Up to 4 players £7.00 per additional bowler

Proportionate Fees

Membership Categories Explained...

Full Bowling Membership:-

This entitles you to bowl all the year round, enter leagues, competitions and play in matches, as well as use all the facilities of the centre at any time.

Social Membership:-

Social members can use all the facilities of the Centre at any time of the year but if you would like to play bowls you should pay the small extra fee and add the Summer Bowling optional extra.

Social Membership + Summer Bowling:-

By adding the Summer Bowling extra facility you may play during the summer season, which is May to September.   This is a good choice of membership for people trying out bowls for the first time – there are more rinks available in the summer which gives people a chance to learn more about the game and gain experience.

Assisted (plus social) Membership:-

Bowls is a ‘Sport for all’. It can and should be enjoyed by, and made accessible to, everyone. We are proud of our dedicated "Assisted Sessions" which started when the centre first opened in 1981.  These runs every Friday from 09.30 to 12.00.  We have bowlers who use wheelchairs, those who are partially sighted and others with physical limitations, all of whom are assisted by a group of volunteers. To learn more around the support we can provide to bowlers needing some form of assistance see here.

Junior Associate Membership:-

Our Junior Section is for under 18’s.  There is no official lower age limit but we find, in practice, that around 6-7 is usually the youngest age that is suitable although this very much depends on the individual child.  We meet on Saturday evenings from 5.30 to 8.00pm. The Junior Membership Fee is also available to under 21s in full time education.

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Angel Bowls Club welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to prospective members of all ages, abilities and agilities - from juniors to great-grandparents, from absolute beginners to national level players.

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