Joining In a Roll Up

There is a lot going on in the Club; internal leagues, roll ups, internal competitions, matches, county competitions….and more!

Below we’ve added help for our newer members on how to get involved in Club Roll Ups.


Joining a Roll Up (Turn Up and Play)

There are several informal roll up sessions every week. See here for timing. All welcome new members. 

There are no pre-set teams for these sessions. Teams are organised on the day depending on who ‘Turns Up’.

These sessions are organised to be fun and supportive. 

Dress code is more relaxed than for the Club internal League games though most people prefer to wear ‘greys’.

If you fancy joining one of these sessions then you are more than welcome to just ‘turn up’ at the relevant time and introduce yourself.

Alternatively you can get in touch with the organiser in advance.






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