Joining In Internal Competitions


Below we’ve added help for our newer members on how to get involved in Club Internal Competitions



Firstly don’t be intimidated! You may be surprised at how well you do, you will enjoy bowling with or against players you don’t normally come up against and you will likely learn a lot!

The Club Competitions include Mens Singles, Women Singles, Open Singles, Men Pairs, Women Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Family Pairs, Cyril Stares Trophy, Men Triples and Women Triples. At the end of the Season a further singles games called the Bernard King Trophy is played – more on that below.

The Cyril Stares Trophy is a Pairs competition only open to those bowlers who don’t yet have their names on the Club Honours Boards.

You are encouraged to enter as many competitions as you are eligible for. All competitions except for the Family Pairs are ‘drawn’, meaning that the people you play with in the Pairs or Triples competitions are randomly drawn out of a hat; you won’t know who you are playing with until the ‘draw’ goes up on the Noticeboard. For the Family Pairs you enter as a Pair.

To enter, you simply fill in the form provided at the Club Competition Notice Board and return as instructed with your competition fees.

The ‘draw’ will be put up on the Club Noticeboard by the Competition Secretary as soon as available. See here for an example ‘draw’ (Summer 2018). The ‘draw’ will tell you who you are playing with, who against and when you need to play your games by.

If you have entered the singles and your name is above your opponent’s then you need to contact them to arrange the game. Further information on how to do this is on the Notice Board.

If you entered the Pairs or Triples then your first step is to make contact with the people you are playing with. Contact details can be found from the Members Register on the front desk. Then, if your Pair / Triple are placed above your opponents names in the ‘draw’ then your team is responsible for arranging the game.

The finals are all played on the same weekend (the date will be on the entry form). You need to ensure you are available that weekend (in case you reach a final). If you aren’t available that weekend then you cannot enter.

The Bernard King Trophy is arranged and played at the end of the Season. It’s a singles competition played as the best of three sets (each set is won by the first player to reach 9 points). Look out for the application forms that will go up on the Club Noticeboard around April time.

Go on….enter and have fun!




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