Internal Winter Leagues

See Who’s Who’s Page for responsible League Secretary.

See New Member Page for help on how to get involved in the Leagues.


See links below for fixtures and latest league tables [awaiting winter league details]


WINTER [2018 – 19 fixtures not yet out]

Ladies Rinks                         Tuesdays        9.30 am

Ladies Triples                       Thursdays       5.30 pm


Men’s Rinks                          Thursdays       8.00 pm


Men’s Triples                         Mondays        8.00 pm

                                                Tuesdays       12 noon

                                                Tuesdays        5.00 pm

                                                Wednesdays   8.00 pm


Unrestricted Triples               Mondays        12 noon

                                                Tuesdays        8.00 pm

                                                Wednesdays   5.30 pm

                                                Thursdays       9.30 am





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