Expense Reimbursement Policy

The Club requires Volunteers to take on a number of roles which are considered necessary to secure a safe and successful Club (“Required Roles”).

These Required Roles include

  • Club Safeguarding and Welfare Officer
  • Club Fire Wardens
  • Club First Aid Officers
  • Club Coaches

The Club shall reimburse expenses that are suffered as a wholly and necessary part of undertaking these required roles. Examples of such expenses are attendance at courses, affiliation fees, examination / assessment fees and certification fees.

The Club shall reimburse such expenses on the following basis:

  1. Reimbursement must be pre-approved by the responsible Director before the expense has been suffered
  2. Such pre-approval is discretionary and strictly limited per below
  3. Any decision to decline the reimbursement can be challenged through the Club’s normal grievance process
  4. Reimbursement shall be net of any grants or bursaries obtained by the Volunteer against the same expense
  5. Where felt appropriate a discretionary ‘clawback’ arrangement on the applicant’s voluntary withdrawal from the Club within 2 years may be agreed
  6. With regards Club Coaches the applicant commits to actively support the Club with both regular Club coaching sessions and Open Days as needed

Reimbursement is only available to secure the number of Required Roles pre-approved by the Board. These are:

  1. One Safeguarding and Welfare Officer
  2. Two Fire Wardens
  3. Two First Aid Officers
  4. Ten Level 1 Coaches, further restricted to funding of four new coaches per year
  5. Three Level 2 Coaches

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