Another year has passed, bringing great enjoyment to bowlers and helpers alike.
A brief visit one Friday morning will soon give club members a feel of the happy atmosphere which prevails at the disabled session. As ever, our grateful thanks are due to the loyal band of regular helpers and reserves who maintain this invaluable facility for those with physical limitations which restrict their ability to bowl.

Sadly Eve Hodge, one of our longest serving helpers, died during the year, and
Malcolm Hazelwood was lured away by the delights of life north of the border.
One or two disabled bowlers have had to give up since our last report, either permanently or for the time being.

Safety is a priority for our activities. To that end a couple of helpers recently did a defibrillator training course and Derek Rhoden has produced guidelines for a fire drill and has kindly made additional ramps to facilitate this procedure. In addition, we have drawn up and distributed a reminder for all concerned about various issues including safe use of equipment, particularly regarding the green wheelchairs.

It was very encouraging to see an excellent article on the disabled session in particular and the fine facilities offered by the club in general in a recent edition of the local paper. A copy has been forwarded to Disability Bowls England. (See copy of newspaper below).

We are most grateful to Matthew Sellen for agreeing to take over from Derek Rhoden as Treasurer and to Derek for his many years of work in that capacity.

Once again we are indebted to the encouragement and support of the Directors of Tonbridge (Angel) Indoor Bowls Club.

Peter & Margaret Swan


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