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F1 Thursday 8.00pm - Thursday - 20:00 to 22:30

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Shots For Shots Against Points Diff
1Red Bull T Young201208364.535024+ 14.5
2Ferrari M Milgate201109412354.7522+ 57.25
3Williams R Young2210210404.7540322+ 1.75
4Mercedes M Ward2010010396.75389.7520+ 7
5Rosso R Colyer219111404479.2519 -75.25
6Mclaren R Inskip218112398403.2517 -5.25
Round 1TimeRinkScoreScore
3 Oct 201920:00 to 22:302Red Bull T Young247Mclaren R Inskip
3 Oct 201920:00 to 22:303Ferrari M Milgate1918Mercedes M Ward
3 Oct 201920:00 to 22:305Rosso R Colyer1117Williams R Young
Round 2TimeRinkScoreScore
10 Oct 201920:00 to 22:305Williams R Young2318Ferrari M Milgate
10 Oct 201920:00 to 22:304Mclaren R Inskip2418Rosso R Colyer
10 Oct 201920:00 to 22:301Mercedes M Ward1821Red Bull T Young
Round 3TimeRinkScoreScore
17 Oct 201920:00 to 22:302Red Bull T Young1620Ferrari M Milgate
17 Oct 201920:00 to 22:303Rosso R Colyer2724Mercedes M Ward
17 Oct 201920:00 to 22:304Mclaren R Inskip1616Williams R Young
Round 4TimeRinkScoreScore
24 Oct 201920:00 to 22:305Williams R Young615Red Bull T Young
24 Oct 201920:00 to 22:304Mercedes M Ward2118.75Mclaren R Inskip
24 Oct 201920:00 to 22:301Ferrari M Milgate3016Rosso R Colyer
Round 5TimeRinkScoreScore
31 Oct 201920:00 to 22:301Williams R Young2516Mercedes M Ward
31 Oct 201920:00 to 22:302Rosso R Colyer1817Red Bull T Young
31 Oct 201920:00 to 22:305Ferrari M Milgate1620Mclaren R Inskip
Round 6TimeRinkScoreScore
7 Nov 201920:00 to 22:302Rosso R Colyer1127Williams R Young
7 Nov 201920:00 to 22:306Red Bull T Young--Mclaren R Inskip
7 Nov 201920:00 to 22:304Ferrari M Milgate2122Mercedes M Ward
Round 7TimeRinkScoreScore
14 Nov 201920:00 to 22:305Mclaren R Inskip2024Rosso R Colyer
14 Nov 201920:00 to 22:303Williams R Young1222Ferrari M Milgate
14 Nov 201920:00 to 22:301Mercedes M Ward2511Red Bull T Young
Round 8TimeRinkScoreScore
21 Nov 201920:00 to 22:302Mclaren R Inskip2613Williams R Young
21 Nov 201920:00 to 22:303Rosso R Colyer1539Mercedes M Ward
21 Nov 201920:00 to 22:304Red Bull T Young1516Ferrari M Milgate
Round 9TimeRinkScoreScore
28 Nov 201920:00 to 22:301Ferrari M Milgate1921Rosso R Colyer
28 Nov 201920:00 to 22:304Mercedes M Ward1813Mclaren R Inskip
28 Nov 201920:00 to 22:305Williams R Young1721Red Bull T Young
Round 10TimeRinkScoreScore
5 Dec 201920:00 to 22:305Williams R Young1823Mercedes M Ward
5 Dec 201920:00 to 22:304Rosso R Colyer3016Red Bull T Young
5 Dec 201920:00 to 22:303Ferrari M Milgate926Mclaren R Inskip
Round 11TimeRinkScoreScore
12 Dec 201920:00 to 22:301Rosso R Colyer1225Williams R Young
1 Dec 201920:00 to 22:302Ferrari M Milgate--Mercedes M Ward
12 Dec 201920:00 to 22:303Red Bull T Young16.516Mclaren R Inskip
Round 12TimeRinkScoreScore
19 Dec 201920:00 to 22:302Mclaren R Inskip2818Rosso R Colyer
19 Dec 201920:00 to 22:304Williams R Young309Ferrari M Milgate
2 Apr 202020:00 to 22:305Mercedes M Ward--Red Bull T Young
Round 13TimeRinkScoreScore
2 Jan 202020:00 to 22:303Rosso R Colyer2028Mercedes M Ward
2 Jan 202020:00 to 22:302Mclaren R Inskip1519.5Williams R Young
2 Jan 202020:00 to 22:301Red Bull T Young1235Ferrari M Milgate
Round 14TimeRinkScoreScore
9 Jan 202020:00 to 22:303Williams R Young827Red Bull T Young
9 Jan 202020:00 to 22:304Mercedes M Ward1816Mclaren R Inskip
9 Jan 202020:00 to 22:306Ferrari M Milgate--Rosso R Colyer
Round 15TimeRinkScoreScore
16 Jan 202020:00 to 22:301Ferrari M Milgate2223Mclaren R Inskip
16 Jan 202020:00 to 22:303Williams R Young286Mercedes M Ward
16 Jan 202020:00 to 22:305Rosso R Colyer1923Red Bull T Young
Round 16TimeRinkScoreScore
23 Jan 202020:00 to 22:304Rosso R Colyer2318Williams R Young
23 Jan 202020:00 to 22:303Ferrari M Milgate1818.75Mercedes M Ward
23 Jan 202020:00 to 22:301Red Bull T Young2216Mclaren R Inskip
Round 17TimeRinkScoreScore
30 Jan 202020:00 to 22:301Mclaren R Inskip2025Rosso R Colyer
30 Jan 202020:00 to 22:303Williams R Young1621Ferrari M Milgate
30 Jan 202020:00 to 22:304Mercedes M Ward1317Red Bull T Young
Round 18TimeRinkScoreScore
6 Feb 202020:00 to 22:301Mclaren R Inskip1623Williams R Young
6 Feb 202020:00 to 22:302Red Bull T Young1128Ferrari M Milgate
6 Feb 202020:00 to 22:305Rosso R Colyer1428Mercedes M Ward
Round 19TimeRinkScoreScore
13 Feb 202020:00 to 22:305Mercedes M Ward2123Mclaren R Inskip
13 Feb 202020:00 to 22:304Williams R Young730Red Bull T Young
13 Feb 202020:00 to 22:303Ferrari M Milgate2516Rosso R Colyer
Round 20TimeRinkScoreScore
9 Apr 202020:00 to 22:301Williams R Young--Mercedes M Ward
9 Apr 202020:00 to 22:302Ferrari M Milgate--Mclaren R Inskip
9 Apr 202020:00 to 22:303Rosso R Colyer--Red Bull T Young
Round 21TimeRinkScoreScore
27 Feb 202020:00 to 22:303Red Bull T Young1722Mclaren R Inskip
27 Feb 202020:00 to 22:304Rosso R Colyer2121Williams R Young
27 Feb 202020:00 to 22:305Ferrari M Milgate2310Mercedes M Ward
Round 22TimeRinkScoreScore
5 Mar 202020:00 to 22:305Mclaren R Inskip14.2519Rosso R Colyer
5 Mar 202020:00 to 22:302Mercedes M Ward1416Red Bull T Young
5 Mar 202020:00 to 22:301Williams R Young1226Ferrari M Milgate
Round 23TimeRinkScoreScore
12 Mar 202020:00 to 22:302Rosso R Colyer2616Mercedes M Ward
12 Mar 202020:00 to 22:303Mclaren R Inskip1823.25Williams R Young
12 Mar 202020:00 to 22:305Red Bull T Young1715Ferrari M Milgate
Round 24TimeRinkScoreScore
19 Mar 202020:00 to 22:304Ferrari M Milgate--Rosso R Colyer
19 Mar 202020:00 to 22:303Williams R Young--Red Bull T Young
19 Mar 202020:00 to 22:301Mercedes M Ward--Mclaren R Inskip
Round 25TimeRinkScoreScore
26 Mar 202020:00 to 22:301Rosso R Colyer--Red Bull T Young
26 Mar 202020:00 to 22:302Williams R Young--Mercedes M Ward
26 Mar 202020:00 to 22:304Ferrari M Milgate--Mclaren R Inskip

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