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Planets Thursday 9.30am - Thursday - 09:30 to 12:00

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Shots For Shots Against Points Diff
1Earth R Ecclestone22141733924529+ 94
2Charon E Hockley231211036930725+ 62
3Saturn R Kohlbeck231201131335424 -41
4Mercury D Holmes2311012335.2534022 -4.75
5Venus F Lay2211011310327.2522 -17.25
6Pluto B Wood21921029928920+ 10
7Mars V Armstrong231001331632720 -11
8Jupiter A Wheeler23901426235418 -92
Round 1TimeRinkScoreScore
26 Sep 201909:30 to 12:003Mars V Armstrong179Venus F Lay
26 Sep 201909:30 to 12:004Saturn R Kohlbeck2113Charon E Hockley
26 Sep 201909:30 to 12:005Jupiter A Wheeler1015Pluto B Wood
26 Sep 201909:30 to 12:006Earth R Ecclestone1513Mercury D Holmes
Round 2TimeRinkScoreScore
3 Oct 201909:30 to 12:006Jupiter A Wheeler1311Mars V Armstrong
3 Oct 201909:30 to 12:005Venus F Lay247Pluto B Wood
3 Oct 201909:30 to 12:002Earth R Ecclestone198Saturn R Kohlbeck
3 Oct 201909:30 to 12:001Charon E Hockley1517Mercury D Holmes
Round 3TimeRinkScoreScore
10 Oct 201909:30 to 12:001Mercury D Holmes1613Jupiter A Wheeler
10 Oct 201909:30 to 12:002Pluto B Wood714Earth R Ecclestone
10 Oct 201909:30 to 12:003Mars V Armstrong1511Saturn R Kohlbeck
10 Oct 201909:30 to 12:004Venus F Lay635Charon E Hockley
Round 4TimeRinkScoreScore
17 Oct 201909:30 to 12:006Earth R Ecclestone1012Mars V Armstrong
17 Oct 201909:30 to 12:005Mercury D Holmes9.7521Venus F Lay
17 Oct 201909:30 to 12:004Jupiter A Wheeler1022Charon E Hockley
17 Oct 201909:30 to 12:003Saturn R Kohlbeck1323Pluto B Wood
Round 5TimeRinkScoreScore
24 Oct 201909:30 to 12:001Pluto B Wood196Mercury D Holmes
24 Oct 201909:30 to 12:002Jupiter A Wheeler821Saturn R Kohlbeck
24 Oct 201909:30 to 12:005Charon E Hockley721Mars V Armstrong
24 Oct 201909:30 to 12:006Venus F Lay716Earth R Ecclestone
Round 6TimeRinkScoreScore
31 Oct 201909:30 to 12:004Mercury D Holmes2114Saturn R Kohlbeck
31 Oct 201909:30 to 12:003Mars V Armstrong1810Pluto B Wood
31 Oct 201909:30 to 12:002Venus F Lay156Jupiter A Wheeler
31 Oct 201909:30 to 12:001Charon E Hockley68Earth R Ecclestone
Round 7TimeRinkScoreScore
7 Nov 201909:30 to 12:005Saturn R Kohlbeck129Venus F Lay
7 Nov 201909:30 to 12:004Pluto B Wood1414Charon E Hockley
7 Nov 201909:30 to 12:003Mercury D Holmes1020Mars V Armstrong
7 Nov 201909:30 to 12:001Earth R Ecclestone177Jupiter A Wheeler
Round 8TimeRinkScoreScore
14 Nov 201909:30 to 12:002Mars V Armstrong717Venus F Lay
14 Nov 201909:30 to 12:004Jupiter A Wheeler716Pluto B Wood
14 Nov 201909:30 to 12:005Saturn R Kohlbeck630Charon E Hockley
14 Nov 201909:30 to 12:006Earth R Ecclestone1611Mercury D Holmes
Round 9TimeRinkScoreScore
21 Nov 201909:30 to 12:006Earth R Ecclestone913Saturn R Kohlbeck
21 Nov 201909:30 to 12:003Jupiter A Wheeler116Mars V Armstrong
21 Nov 201909:30 to 12:002Venus F Lay149Pluto B Wood
21 Nov 201909:30 to 12:001Charon E Hockley820Mercury D Holmes
Round 10TimeRinkScoreScore
28 Nov 201909:30 to 12:003Mercury D Holmes2210Jupiter A Wheeler
28 Nov 201909:30 to 12:001Mars V Armstrong229Saturn R Kohlbeck
2 Apr 202009:30 to 12:004Pluto B Wood--Earth R Ecclestone
28 Nov 201909:30 to 12:006Venus F Lay159Charon E Hockley
Round 11TimeRinkScoreScore
5 Dec 201909:30 to 12:006Earth R Ecclestone1312Mars V Armstrong
5 Dec 201909:30 to 12:005Jupiter A Wheeler1018Charon E Hockley
5 Dec 201909:30 to 12:002Mercury D Holmes1120Venus F Lay
5 Dec 201909:30 to 12:001Saturn R Kohlbeck1612Pluto B Wood
Round 12TimeRinkScoreScore
12 Dec 201909:30 to 12:001Pluto B Wood1116Mercury D Holmes
12 Dec 201909:30 to 12:002Jupiter A Wheeler525Saturn R Kohlbeck
12 Dec 201909:30 to 12:003Venus F Lay1120Earth R Ecclestone
12 Dec 201909:30 to 12:005Charon E Hockley1910Mars V Armstrong
Round 13TimeRinkScoreScore
19 Dec 201909:30 to 12:006Venus F Lay331Jupiter A Wheeler
19 Dec 201909:30 to 12:004Mars V Armstrong827Pluto B Wood
19 Dec 201909:30 to 12:003Mercury D Holmes1017Saturn R Kohlbeck
19 Dec 201909:30 to 12:002Charon E Hockley1411Earth R Ecclestone
Round 14TimeRinkScoreScore
2 Jan 202009:30 to 12:006Pluto B Wood718Charon E Hockley
2 Jan 202009:30 to 12:005Mercury D Holmes1320Mars V Armstrong
2 Jan 202009:30 to 12:004Saturn R Kohlbeck178Venus F Lay
2 Jan 202009:30 to 12:001Earth R Ecclestone914Jupiter A Wheeler
Round 15TimeRinkScoreScore
9 Jan 202009:30 to 12:002Saturn R Kohlbeck1219Charon E Hockley
9 Jan 202009:30 to 12:003Earth R Ecclestone1918Mercury D Holmes
9 Jan 202009:30 to 12:001Mars V Armstrong1422Venus F Lay
9 Jan 202009:30 to 12:006Jupiter A Wheeler918Pluto B Wood
Round 16TimeRinkScoreScore
16 Jan 202009:30 to 12:005Venus F Lay827Pluto B Wood
16 Jan 202009:30 to 12:004Earth R Ecclestone243Saturn R Kohlbeck
16 Jan 202009:30 to 12:003Charon E Hockley718Mercury D Holmes
16 Jan 202009:30 to 12:001Jupiter A Wheeler1410Mars V Armstrong
Round 17TimeRinkScoreScore
23 Jan 202009:30 to 12:005Mercury D Holmes1213Jupiter A Wheeler
23 Jan 202009:30 to 12:003Pluto B Wood921Earth R Ecclestone
23 Jan 202009:30 to 12:002Venus F Lay829Charon E Hockley
23 Jan 202009:30 to 12:001Mars V Armstrong1317Saturn R Kohlbeck
Round 18TimeRinkScoreScore
30 Jan 202009:30 to 12:001Mercury D Holmes7.514Venus F Lay
30 Jan 202009:30 to 12:002Saturn R Kohlbeck169Pluto B Wood
30 Jan 202009:30 to 12:004Earth R Ecclestone1316Mars V Armstrong
30 Jan 202009:30 to 12:006Jupiter A Wheeler1910Charon E Hockley
Round 19TimeRinkScoreScore
6 Feb 202009:30 to 12:006Pluto B Wood924Mercury D Holmes
6 Feb 202009:30 to 12:005Jupiter A Wheeler2211Saturn R Kohlbeck
6 Feb 202009:30 to 12:002Venus F Lay1916Earth R Ecclestone
6 Feb 202009:30 to 12:001Charon E Hockley1512Mars V Armstrong
Round 20TimeRinkScoreScore
13 Feb 202009:30 to 12:006Venus F Lay1021Jupiter A Wheeler
13 Feb 202009:30 to 12:004Mercury D Holmes1612Saturn R Kohlbeck
13 Feb 202009:30 to 12:003Charon E Hockley1120Earth R Ecclestone
13 Feb 202009:30 to 12:002Mars V Armstrong1223Pluto B Wood
Round 21TimeRinkScoreScore
9 Apr 202009:30 to 12:002Earth R Ecclestone--Jupiter A Wheeler
9 Apr 202009:30 to 12:004Saturn R Kohlbeck--Venus F Lay
9 Apr 202009:30 to 12:005Pluto B Wood--Charon E Hockley
9 Apr 202009:30 to 12:006Mercury D Holmes--Mars V Armstrong
Round 22TimeRinkScoreScore
27 Feb 202009:30 to 12:006Jupiter A Wheeler1016Pluto B Wood
27 Feb 202009:30 to 12:004Mars V Armstrong1910Venus F Lay
27 Feb 202009:30 to 12:003Earth R Ecclestone1519Mercury D Holmes
27 Feb 202009:30 to 12:001Saturn R Kohlbeck1912Charon E Hockley
Round 23TimeRinkScoreScore
5 Mar 202009:30 to 12:005Charon E Hockley2113Mercury D Holmes
5 Mar 202009:30 to 12:004Earth R Ecclestone234Saturn R Kohlbeck
5 Mar 202009:30 to 12:002Jupiter A Wheeler189Mars V Armstrong
5 Mar 202009:30 to 12:001Venus F Lay--Pluto B Wood
Round 24TimeRinkScoreScore
12 Mar 202009:30 to 12:001Mars V Armstrong1216Saturn R Kohlbeck
12 Mar 202009:30 to 12:002Pluto B Wood1111Earth R Ecclestone
12 Mar 202009:30 to 12:003Mercury D Holmes1211Jupiter A Wheeler
12 Mar 202009:30 to 12:004Venus F Lay1017Charon E Hockley
Round 25TimeRinkScoreScore
19 Mar 202009:30 to 12:006Saturn R Kohlbeck--Pluto B Wood
19 Mar 202009:30 to 12:005Earth R Ecclestone--Mars V Armstrong
19 Mar 202009:30 to 12:003Mercury D Holmes--Venus F Lay
19 Mar 202009:30 to 12:002Jupiter A Wheeler--Charon E Hockley
Round 26TimeRinkScoreScore
26 Mar 202009:30 to 12:001Venus F Lay--Earth R Ecclestone
26 Mar 202009:30 to 12:003Pluto B Wood--Mercury D Holmes
26 Mar 202009:30 to 12:004Charon E Hockley--Mars V Armstrong
26 Mar 202009:30 to 12:005Jupiter A Wheeler--Saturn R Kohlbeck

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