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Hounds Wednesday 8.00pm - Wednesday - 20:00 to 22:30

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Shots For Shots Against Points Diff
1Retrievers T Morez171106343.529222+ 51.5
2Dobermanns K Bateup15100528727020+ 17
3Bulldogs H Dickson17908288.7526918+ 19.75
4Rottweilers R Comben1781832131317+ 8
5Greyhounds N Ramage17701032031214+ 8
6Beagles B Simmons17611030735713 -50
7Great Danes P Mason166010295.25349.512 -54.25
Round 1TimeRinkScoreScore
2 Oct 201920:00 to 22:301Rottweilers R Comben920Great Danes P Mason
2 Oct 201920:00 to 22:302Bulldogs H Dickson213Beagles B Simmons
2 Oct 201920:00 to 22:304Retrievers T Morez1211Greyhounds N Ramage
Round 2TimeRinkScoreScore
9 Oct 201920:00 to 22:306Retrievers T Morez2314Rottweilers R Comben
9 Oct 201920:00 to 22:305Beagles B Simmons1321Dobermanns K Bateup
9 Oct 201920:00 to 22:303Great Danes P Mason522Greyhounds N Ramage
Round 3TimeRinkScoreScore
16 Oct 201920:00 to 22:301Beagles B Simmons2615Great Danes P Mason
16 Oct 201920:00 to 22:302Dobermanns K Bateup1815Retrievers T Morez
16 Oct 201920:00 to 22:304Bulldogs H Dickson1413Rottweilers R Comben
Round 4TimeRinkScoreScore
23 Oct 201920:00 to 22:304Retrievers T Morez2412Bulldogs H Dickson
23 Oct 201920:00 to 22:305Rottweilers R Comben--Dobermanns K Bateup
23 Oct 201920:00 to 22:301Greyhounds N Ramage2412Beagles B Simmons
Round 5TimeRinkScoreScore
30 Oct 201920:00 to 22:302Beagles B Simmons1243Retrievers T Morez
30 Oct 201920:00 to 22:305Great Danes P Mason927Bulldogs H Dickson
30 Oct 201920:00 to 22:306Dobermanns K Bateup824Greyhounds N Ramage
Round 6TimeRinkScoreScore
6 Nov 201920:00 to 22:303Greyhounds N Ramage1124Rottweilers R Comben
6 Nov 201920:00 to 22:305Great Danes P Mason1819Retrievers T Morez
6 Nov 201920:00 to 22:306Bulldogs H Dickson1821Dobermanns K Bateup
Round 7TimeRinkScoreScore
13 Nov 201920:00 to 22:306Rottweilers R Comben2715Beagles B Simmons
13 Nov 201920:00 to 22:305Greyhounds N Ramage1017Bulldogs H Dickson
13 Nov 201920:00 to 22:304Dobermanns K Bateup2622Great Danes P Mason
Round 8TimeRinkScoreScore
20 Nov 201920:00 to 22:301Retrievers T Morez1614Greyhounds N Ramage
20 Nov 201920:00 to 22:302Rottweilers R Comben1723Great Danes P Mason
20 Nov 201920:00 to 22:303Bulldogs H Dickson1319Beagles B Simmons
Round 9TimeRinkScoreScore
1 Apr 202020:00 to 22:301Beagles B Simmons--Dobermanns K Bateup
1 Apr 202020:00 to 22:302Retrievers T Morez--Rottweilers R Comben
1 Apr 202020:00 to 22:304Great Danes P Mason--Greyhounds N Ramage
Round 10TimeRinkScoreScore
4 Dec 201920:00 to 22:306Beagles B Simmons2914.25Great Danes P Mason
4 Dec 201920:00 to 22:305Dobermanns K Bateup2220Retrievers T Morez
4 Dec 201920:00 to 22:304Bulldogs H Dickson1219Rottweilers R Comben
Round 11TimeRinkScoreScore
11 Dec 201920:00 to 22:304Rottweilers R Comben1820Dobermanns K Bateup
11 Dec 201920:00 to 22:305Greyhounds N Ramage2125Beagles B Simmons
11 Dec 201920:00 to 22:306Retrievers T Morez823Bulldogs H Dickson
Round 12TimeRinkScoreScore
1 Apr 202017:30 to 20:001Great Danes P Mason--Bulldogs H Dickson
18 Dec 201920:00 to 22:302Dobermanns K Bateup1517Greyhounds N Ramage
18 Dec 201920:00 to 22:303Beagles B Simmons2614Retrievers T Morez
Round 13TimeRinkScoreScore
8 Jan 202020:00 to 22:306Great Danes P Mason2513.5Retrievers T Morez
8 Jan 202020:00 to 22:305Greyhounds N Ramage1833Rottweilers R Comben
8 Jan 202020:00 to 22:303Bulldogs H Dickson2017Dobermanns K Bateup
Round 14TimeRinkScoreScore
15 Jan 202020:00 to 22:301Dobermanns K Bateup1623Great Danes P Mason
15 Jan 202020:00 to 22:306Rottweilers R Comben1717Beagles B Simmons
15 Jan 202020:00 to 22:303Greyhounds N Ramage1617Bulldogs H Dickson
Round 15TimeRinkScoreScore
22 Jan 202020:00 to 22:304Rottweilers R Comben2920Great Danes P Mason
22 Jan 202020:00 to 22:303Bulldogs H Dickson2413Beagles B Simmons
22 Jan 202020:00 to 22:306Retrievers T Morez2420Greyhounds N Ramage
Round 16TimeRinkScoreScore
29 Jan 202020:00 to 22:303Beagles B Simmons1417Dobermanns K Bateup
29 Jan 202020:00 to 22:304Great Danes P Mason2318Greyhounds N Ramage
29 Jan 202020:00 to 22:301Retrievers T Morez2914Rottweilers R Comben
Round 17TimeRinkScoreScore
5 Feb 202020:00 to 22:301Bulldogs H Dickson1114Rottweilers R Comben
5 Feb 202020:00 to 22:302Beagles B Simmons2226Great Danes P Mason
5 Feb 202020:00 to 22:303Dobermanns K Bateup2120Retrievers T Morez
Round 18TimeRinkScoreScore
12 Feb 202020:00 to 22:304Greyhounds N Ramage2423Beagles B Simmons
12 Feb 202020:00 to 22:303Retrievers T Morez1310Bulldogs H Dickson
12 Feb 202020:00 to 22:306Rottweilers R Comben2010Dobermanns K Bateup
Round 19TimeRinkScoreScore
8 Apr 202020:00 to 22:306Great Danes P Mason--Bulldogs H Dickson
8 Apr 202020:00 to 22:304Beagles B Simmons--Retrievers T Morez
8 Apr 202020:00 to 22:301Dobermanns K Bateup--Greyhounds N Ramage
Round 20TimeRinkScoreScore
26 Feb 202020:00 to 22:304Bulldogs H Dickson1028Dobermanns K Bateup
26 Feb 202020:00 to 22:303Great Danes P Mason1928Retrievers T Morez
26 Feb 202020:00 to 22:305Greyhounds N Ramage3315Rottweilers R Comben
Round 21TimeRinkScoreScore
4 Mar 202020:00 to 22:303Rottweilers R Comben1720Beagles B Simmons
4 Mar 202020:00 to 22:302Dobermanns K Bateup2716Great Danes P Mason
4 Mar 202020:00 to 22:301Greyhounds N Ramage2421Bulldogs H Dickson
Round 22TimeRinkScoreScore
11 Mar 202020:00 to 22:303Rottweilers R Comben2117Great Danes P Mason
11 Mar 202020:00 to 22:302Retrievers T Morez2213Greyhounds N Ramage
11 Mar 202020:00 to 22:301Bulldogs H Dickson18.7518Beagles B Simmons
Round 23TimeRinkScoreScore
18 Mar 202020:00 to 22:304Great Danes P Mason--Greyhounds N Ramage
18 Mar 202020:00 to 22:305Retrievers T Morez--Rottweilers R Comben
18 Mar 202020:00 to 22:306Beagles B Simmons--Dobermanns K Bateup
Round 24TimeRinkScoreScore
25 Mar 202020:00 to 22:301Dobermanns K Bateup--Retrievers T Morez
25 Mar 202020:00 to 22:302Bulldogs H Dickson--Rottweilers R Comben
25 Mar 202020:00 to 22:303Beagles B Simmons--Great Danes P Mason

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