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Birds Tuesday 12pm - Tuesday - 12:00 to 14:30

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Shots For Shots Against Points Diff
1Finch T Prince19131533026427+ 66
2Dove K Elliment2211110384.537723+ 7.5
3Robin G Startup20101937431221+ 62
4Eagle I Kitchener2210111358426.521 -68.5
5Pigeon S Craig229211355.5375.7520 -20.25
6Owls B Ellis221001232841620 -88
7chaffinch D Reed21911140735319+ 54
8Blackbird R Ecclestone229112369.2538219 -12.75
Round 1TimeRinkScoreScore
24 Sep 201912:00 to 14:303chaffinch D Reed1416Eagle I Kitchener
24 Sep 201912:00 to 14:304Robin G Startup1020Finch T Prince
24 Sep 201912:00 to 14:305Blackbird R Ecclestone1314Dove K Elliment
24 Sep 201912:00 to 14:306Pigeon S Craig711Owls B Ellis
Round 2TimeRinkScoreScore
1 Oct 201912:00 to 14:306Blackbird R Ecclestone1717chaffinch D Reed
1 Oct 201912:00 to 14:305Eagle I Kitchener103Dove K Elliment
1 Oct 201912:00 to 14:302Pigeon S Craig1515Robin G Startup
1 Oct 201912:00 to 14:301Finch T Prince2211Owls B Ellis
Round 3TimeRinkScoreScore
8 Oct 201912:00 to 14:301Owls B Ellis1916Blackbird R Ecclestone
8 Oct 201912:00 to 14:302Dove K Elliment13.525Pigeon S Craig
8 Oct 201912:00 to 14:303chaffinch D Reed2426Robin G Startup
8 Oct 201912:00 to 14:304Eagle I Kitchener1210Finch T Prince
Round 4TimeRinkScoreScore
15 Oct 201912:00 to 14:306Pigeon S Craig2416chaffinch D Reed
15 Oct 201912:00 to 14:305Owls B Ellis2012Eagle I Kitchener
15 Oct 201912:00 to 14:304Blackbird R Ecclestone1412Finch T Prince
15 Oct 201912:00 to 14:303Robin G Startup2314Dove K Elliment
Round 5TimeRinkScoreScore
22 Oct 201912:00 to 14:301Dove K Elliment2516Owls B Ellis
22 Oct 201912:00 to 14:302Blackbird R Ecclestone1514Robin G Startup
22 Oct 201912:00 to 14:305Finch T Prince2421chaffinch D Reed
22 Oct 201912:00 to 14:306Eagle I Kitchener1310.5Pigeon S Craig
Round 6TimeRinkScoreScore
29 Oct 201912:00 to 14:304Owls B Ellis1411Robin G Startup
29 Oct 201912:00 to 14:303chaffinch D Reed2029Dove K Elliment
29 Oct 201912:00 to 14:302Eagle I Kitchener1218Blackbird R Ecclestone
29 Oct 201912:00 to 14:301Finch T Prince1717Pigeon S Craig
Round 7TimeRinkScoreScore
5 Nov 201912:00 to 14:306Robin G Startup2110Eagle I Kitchener
5 Nov 201912:00 to 14:302Dove K Elliment1914Finch T Prince
5 Nov 201912:00 to 14:304Owls B Ellis626chaffinch D Reed
5 Nov 201912:00 to 14:303Pigeon S Craig1715Blackbird R Ecclestone
Round 8TimeRinkScoreScore
12 Nov 201912:00 to 14:301chaffinch D Reed2710Eagle I Kitchener
12 Nov 201912:00 to 14:302Blackbird R Ecclestone2210Dove K Elliment
12 Nov 201912:00 to 14:305Robin G Startup--Finch T Prince
12 Nov 201912:00 to 14:306Pigeon S Craig818Owls B Ellis
Round 9TimeRinkScoreScore
19 Nov 201912:00 to 14:306Pigeon S Craig1122Robin G Startup
19 Nov 201912:00 to 14:305Blackbird R Ecclestone1221chaffinch D Reed
19 Nov 201912:00 to 14:303Eagle I Kitchener2323Dove K Elliment
19 Nov 201912:00 to 14:302Finch T Prince209Owls B Ellis
Round 10TimeRinkScoreScore
26 Nov 201912:00 to 14:301Owls B Ellis1025Blackbird R Ecclestone
26 Nov 201912:00 to 14:305chaffinch D Reed1712Robin G Startup
26 Nov 201912:00 to 14:303Dove K Elliment3312Pigeon S Craig
26 Nov 201912:00 to 14:304Eagle I Kitchener2021Finch T Prince
Round 11TimeRinkScoreScore
3 Dec 201912:00 to 14:304Pigeon S Craig1418chaffinch D Reed
3 Dec 201912:00 to 14:303Blackbird R Ecclestone522Finch T Prince
3 Dec 201912:00 to 14:302Owls B Ellis3415Eagle I Kitchener
3 Dec 201912:00 to 14:301Robin G Startup257Dove K Elliment
Round 12TimeRinkScoreScore
10 Dec 201912:00 to 14:301Dove K Elliment2810Owls B Ellis
10 Dec 201912:00 to 14:304Blackbird R Ecclestone1321Robin G Startup
10 Dec 201912:00 to 14:305Eagle I Kitchener1139Pigeon S Craig
10 Dec 201912:00 to 14:303Finch T Prince--chaffinch D Reed
Round 13TimeRinkScoreScore
17 Dec 201912:00 to 14:306Eagle I Kitchener2416Blackbird R Ecclestone
7 Jan 202012:00 to 14:305chaffinch D Reed2026Dove K Elliment
17 Dec 201912:00 to 14:304Owls B Ellis729Robin G Startup
17 Dec 201912:00 to 14:303Finch T Prince1419Pigeon S Craig
Round 14TimeRinkScoreScore
7 Jan 202012:00 to 14:306Dove K Elliment1015Finch T Prince
7 Jan 202012:00 to 14:303Owls B Ellis1521chaffinch D Reed
7 Jan 202012:00 to 14:304Robin G Startup932Eagle I Kitchener
7 Jan 202012:00 to 14:301Pigeon S Craig1817.25Blackbird R Ecclestone
Round 15TimeRinkScoreScore
14 Jan 202012:00 to 14:301Robin G Startup918Finch T Prince
14 Jan 202012:00 to 14:302Pigeon S Craig1319Owls B Ellis
14 Jan 202012:00 to 14:303chaffinch D Reed2814Eagle I Kitchener
14 Jan 202012:00 to 14:304Blackbird R Ecclestone1914Dove K Elliment
Round 16TimeRinkScoreScore
21 Jan 202012:00 to 14:306Eagle I Kitchener2018Dove K Elliment
21 Jan 202012:00 to 14:305Pigeon S Craig1410Robin G Startup
21 Jan 202012:00 to 14:304Finch T Prince2313Owls B Ellis
21 Jan 202012:00 to 14:303Blackbird R Ecclestone1615chaffinch D Reed
Round 17TimeRinkScoreScore
28 Jan 202012:00 to 14:306Owls B Ellis2017Blackbird R Ecclestone
28 Jan 202012:00 to 14:305Dove K Elliment1514Pigeon S Craig
28 Jan 202012:00 to 14:302Eagle I Kitchener1421Finch T Prince
28 Jan 202012:00 to 14:301chaffinch D Reed158Robin G Startup
Round 18TimeRinkScoreScore
4 Feb 202012:00 to 14:301Owls B Ellis1425Eagle I Kitchener
4 Feb 202012:00 to 14:302Robin G Startup1219Dove K Elliment
4 Feb 202012:00 to 14:303Pigeon S Craig1610chaffinch D Reed
4 Feb 202012:00 to 14:304Blackbird R Ecclestone1721Finch T Prince
Round 19TimeRinkScoreScore
11 Feb 202012:00 to 14:305Dove K Elliment2710Owls B Ellis
11 Feb 202012:00 to 14:304Blackbird R Ecclestone1935Robin G Startup
11 Feb 202012:00 to 14:303Eagle I Kitchener2211Pigeon S Craig
11 Feb 202012:00 to 14:302Finch T Prince1312chaffinch D Reed
Round 20TimeRinkScoreScore
7 Apr 202012:00 to 14:306Eagle I Kitchener--Blackbird R Ecclestone
7 Apr 202012:00 to 14:304Owls B Ellis--Robin G Startup
7 Apr 202012:00 to 14:302Finch T Prince--Pigeon S Craig
7 Apr 202012:00 to 14:301chaffinch D Reed--Dove K Elliment
Round 21TimeRinkScoreScore
25 Feb 202012:00 to 14:301Pigeon S Craig2417Blackbird R Ecclestone
25 Feb 202012:00 to 14:303Robin G Startup3114Eagle I Kitchener
25 Feb 202012:00 to 14:304Dove K Elliment2210Finch T Prince
25 Feb 202012:00 to 14:306Owls B Ellis2420chaffinch D Reed
Round 22TimeRinkScoreScore
3 Mar 202012:00 to 14:306Blackbird R Ecclestone277Dove K Elliment
3 Mar 202012:00 to 14:305chaffinch D Reed3012Eagle I Kitchener
3 Mar 202012:00 to 14:303Pigeon S Craig1318Owls B Ellis
3 Mar 202012:00 to 14:302Robin G Startup--Finch T Prince
Round 23TimeRinkScoreScore
10 Mar 202012:00 to 14:306Finch T Prince1310Owls B Ellis
10 Mar 202012:00 to 14:305Pigeon S Craig1431Robin G Startup
10 Mar 202012:00 to 14:304Blackbird R Ecclestone1915chaffinch D Reed
10 Mar 202012:00 to 14:301Eagle I Kitchener178Dove K Elliment
Round 24TimeRinkScoreScore
17 Mar 202012:00 to 14:301chaffinch D Reed--Robin G Startup
17 Mar 202012:00 to 14:302Dove K Elliment--Pigeon S Craig
17 Mar 202012:00 to 14:303Owls B Ellis--Blackbird R Ecclestone
17 Mar 202012:00 to 14:305Eagle I Kitchener--Finch T Prince
Round 25TimeRinkScoreScore
24 Mar 202012:00 to 14:306Robin G Startup--Dove K Elliment
24 Mar 202012:00 to 14:305Pigeon S Craig--chaffinch D Reed
24 Mar 202012:00 to 14:304Owls B Ellis--Eagle I Kitchener
24 Mar 202012:00 to 14:303Blackbird R Ecclestone--Finch T Prince
Round 26TimeRinkScoreScore
31 Mar 202012:00 to 14:302Eagle I Kitchener--Pigeon S Craig
31 Mar 202012:00 to 14:303Dove K Elliment--Owls B Ellis
31 Mar 202012:00 to 14:304Finch T Prince--chaffinch D Reed
31 Mar 202012:00 to 14:305Blackbird R Ecclestone--Robin G Startup

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