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Rivers Tuesday 9.30am - Tuesday - 09:30 to 12:00

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Shots For Shots Against Points Diff
1Severn S Whittingham231111138838423+ 4
2Trent D Morgans221111038840823 -20
3Tay J Aldridge221111035041723 -67
4Eden C Bruce2210210393383.7522+ 9.25
5Thames H Jenner2211011411.7541622 -4.25
6Medway G Smithies231011244536721+ 78
Round 1TimeRinkScoreScore
24 Sep 201909:30 to 12:003Medway G Smithies813Trent D Morgans
24 Sep 201909:30 to 12:004Tay J Aldridge2110Thames H Jenner
24 Sep 201909:30 to 12:005Eden C Bruce1412Severn S Whittingham
Round 2TimeRinkScoreScore
1 Oct 201909:30 to 12:005Trent D Morgans1017Eden C Bruce
1 Oct 201909:30 to 12:002Thames H Jenner2717Medway G Smithies
1 Oct 201909:30 to 12:001Severn S Whittingham2110Tay J Aldridge
Round 3TimeRinkScoreScore
8 Oct 201909:30 to 12:002Medway G Smithies2712Tay J Aldridge
8 Oct 201909:30 to 12:003Eden C Bruce2414Thames H Jenner
8 Oct 201909:30 to 12:004Trent D Morgans2511Severn S Whittingham
Round 4TimeRinkScoreScore
15 Oct 201909:30 to 12:005Severn S Whittingham1222Medway G Smithies
15 Oct 201909:30 to 12:004Tay J Aldridge1614Eden C Bruce
15 Oct 201909:30 to 12:001Thames H Jenner2414Trent D Morgans
Round 5TimeRinkScoreScore
22 Oct 201909:30 to 12:001Severn S Whittingham2022Thames H Jenner
22 Oct 201909:30 to 12:002Eden C Bruce1518Medway G Smithies
22 Oct 201909:30 to 12:003Tay J Aldridge257Trent D Morgans
Round 6TimeRinkScoreScore
29 Oct 201909:30 to 12:001Medway G Smithies1721Trent D Morgans
29 Oct 201909:30 to 12:004Eden C Bruce1121Severn S Whittingham
29 Oct 201909:30 to 12:005Tay J Aldridge1617Thames H Jenner
Round 7TimeRinkScoreScore
5 Nov 201909:30 to 12:001Thames H Jenner1810Medway G Smithies
5 Nov 201909:30 to 12:003Severn S Whittingham318Tay J Aldridge
5 Nov 201909:30 to 12:004Trent D Morgans3018Eden C Bruce
Round 8TimeRinkScoreScore
12 Nov 201909:30 to 12:001Eden C Bruce2515Thames H Jenner
12 Nov 201909:30 to 12:003Medway G Smithies1625Tay J Aldridge
12 Nov 201909:30 to 12:004Trent D Morgans622Severn S Whittingham
Round 9TimeRinkScoreScore
19 Nov 201909:30 to 12:005Thames H Jenner2320Trent D Morgans
19 Nov 201909:30 to 12:004Tay J Aldridge2411Eden C Bruce
19 Nov 201909:30 to 12:002Severn S Whittingham921Medway G Smithies
Round 10TimeRinkScoreScore
26 Nov 201909:30 to 12:001Eden C Bruce2222Medway G Smithies
26 Nov 201909:30 to 12:004Tay J Aldridge923Trent D Morgans
26 Nov 201909:30 to 12:003Severn S Whittingham1611Thames H Jenner
Round 11TimeRinkScoreScore
3 Dec 201909:30 to 12:005Eden C Bruce1227Severn S Whittingham
3 Dec 201909:30 to 12:004Medway G Smithies346Trent D Morgans
3 Dec 201909:30 to 12:003Tay J Aldridge1612Thames H Jenner
Round 12TimeRinkScoreScore
10 Dec 201909:30 to 12:001Thames H Jenner1719Medway G Smithies
10 Dec 201909:30 to 12:003Trent D Morgans2424Eden C Bruce
10 Dec 201909:30 to 12:004Severn S Whittingham1913Tay J Aldridge
Round 13TimeRinkScoreScore
17 Dec 201909:30 to 12:002Eden C Bruce3210Thames H Jenner
17 Dec 201909:30 to 12:003Trent D Morgans1618Severn S Whittingham
17 Dec 201909:30 to 12:004Medway G Smithies1215Tay J Aldridge
Round 14TimeRinkScoreScore
7 Jan 202009:30 to 12:003Thames H Jenner2822Trent D Morgans
7 Jan 202009:30 to 12:004Severn S Whittingham626Medway G Smithies
7 Jan 202009:30 to 12:001Tay J Aldridge2115Eden C Bruce
Round 15TimeRinkScoreScore
14 Jan 202009:30 to 12:001Tay J Aldridge930Trent D Morgans
14 Jan 202009:30 to 12:004Severn S Whittingham2118Thames H Jenner
14 Jan 202009:30 to 12:005Eden C Bruce2019Medway G Smithies
Round 16TimeRinkScoreScore
21 Jan 202009:30 to 12:001Eden C Bruce1715Severn S Whittingham
21 Jan 202009:30 to 12:002Tay J Aldridge1328Thames H Jenner
21 Jan 202009:30 to 12:005Medway G Smithies1519Trent D Morgans
Round 17TimeRinkScoreScore
28 Jan 202009:30 to 12:004Thames H Jenner2315Medway G Smithies
28 Jan 202009:30 to 12:003Trent D Morgans2015Eden C Bruce
28 Jan 202009:30 to 12:002Severn S Whittingham1719Tay J Aldridge
Round 18TimeRinkScoreScore
4 Feb 202009:30 to 12:002Trent D Morgans1625Severn S Whittingham
4 Feb 202009:30 to 12:004Eden C Bruce169.75Thames H Jenner
4 Feb 202009:30 to 12:005Medway G Smithies1618Tay J Aldridge
Round 19TimeRinkScoreScore
11 Feb 202009:30 to 12:001Severn S Whittingham929Medway G Smithies
11 Feb 202009:30 to 12:004Thames H Jenner2224Trent D Morgans
11 Feb 202009:30 to 12:005Tay J Aldridge629Eden C Bruce
Round 20TimeRinkScoreScore
7 Apr 202009:30 to 12:003Severn S Whittingham--Thames H Jenner
7 Apr 202009:30 to 12:002Eden C Bruce--Medway G Smithies
7 Apr 202009:30 to 12:001Tay J Aldridge--Trent D Morgans
Round 21TimeRinkScoreScore
25 Feb 202009:30 to 12:001Eden C Bruce1711Severn S Whittingham
25 Feb 202009:30 to 12:002Tay J Aldridge1426Thames H Jenner
25 Feb 202009:30 to 12:003Medway G Smithies1617Trent D Morgans
Round 22TimeRinkScoreScore
3 Mar 202009:30 to 12:001Thames H Jenner1325Medway G Smithies
3 Mar 202009:30 to 12:003Trent D Morgans159Eden C Bruce
3 Mar 202009:30 to 12:005Severn S Whittingham1818Tay J Aldridge
Round 23TimeRinkScoreScore
10 Mar 202009:30 to 12:004Medway G Smithies1822Tay J Aldridge
10 Mar 202009:30 to 12:003Eden C Bruce1624Thames H Jenner
10 Mar 202009:30 to 12:002Trent D Morgans1019Severn S Whittingham
Round 24TimeRinkScoreScore
17 Mar 202009:30 to 12:003Severn S Whittingham823Medway G Smithies
17 Mar 202009:30 to 12:004Tay J Aldridge--Eden C Bruce
17 Mar 202009:30 to 12:005Thames H Jenner--Trent D Morgans
Round 25TimeRinkScoreScore
24 Mar 202009:30 to 12:003Eden C Bruce--Medway G Smithies
24 Mar 202009:30 to 12:002Severn S Whittingham--Thames H Jenner
24 Mar 202009:30 to 12:001Tay J Aldridge--Trent D Morgans
Round 26TimeRinkScoreScore
31 Mar 202009:30 to 12:003Tay J Aldridge--Thames H Jenner
31 Mar 202009:30 to 12:004Medway G Smithies--Trent D Morgans
31 Mar 202009:30 to 12:005Eden C Bruce--Severn S Whittingham

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