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Trees Monday 7-30pm - Monday - 19:30 to 22:00

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Shots For Shots Against Points Diff
1Ash B Simmons21151543128631+ 145
2Birch R Comben211218310366.2525 -56.25
3Maple P Allan209011351352.7518 -1.75
4Elm R Inskip218211364.2542318 -58.75
5Willow P Mason208111348.75348.7517+ 0
6Oak M Ward196112363.7539213 -28.25
Round 1TimeRinkScoreScore
30 Sep 201919:30 to 22:001Maple P Allan166Oak M Ward
30 Sep 201919:30 to 22:004Ash B Simmons315Elm R Inskip
30 Sep 201919:30 to 22:005Birch R Comben119Willow P Mason
Round 2TimeRinkScoreScore
7 Oct 201919:30 to 22:005Oak M Ward1718Birch R Comben
7 Oct 201919:30 to 22:003Willow P Mason1420Ash B Simmons
7 Oct 201919:30 to 22:002Elm R Inskip1422Maple P Allan
Round 3TimeRinkScoreScore
14 Oct 201919:30 to 22:002Maple P Allan1317Willow P Mason
14 Oct 201919:30 to 22:003Ash B Simmons1213Birch R Comben
14 Oct 201919:30 to 22:004Elm R Inskip2515Oak M Ward
Round 4TimeRinkScoreScore
21 Oct 201919:30 to 22:005Birch R Comben1312Maple P Allan
21 Oct 201919:30 to 22:004Willow P Mason1820Elm R Inskip
21 Oct 201919:30 to 22:001Oak M Ward1820Ash B Simmons
Round 5TimeRinkScoreScore
28 Oct 201919:30 to 22:001Maple P Allan740Ash B Simmons
28 Oct 201919:30 to 22:003Birch R Comben1913Elm R Inskip
28 Oct 201919:30 to 22:005Oak M Ward1138Willow P Mason
Round 6TimeRinkScoreScore
4 Nov 201919:30 to 22:001Ash B Simmons3214Elm R Inskip
4 Nov 201919:30 to 22:003Maple P Allan1726Oak M Ward
4 Nov 201919:30 to 22:004Birch R Comben827Willow P Mason
Round 7TimeRinkScoreScore
11 Nov 201919:30 to 22:005Elm R Inskip2516Maple P Allan
11 Nov 201919:30 to 22:004Oak M Ward1519Birch R Comben
11 Nov 201919:30 to 22:002Willow P Mason725Ash B Simmons
Round 8TimeRinkScoreScore
18 Nov 201919:30 to 22:001Ash B Simmons226Birch R Comben
18 Nov 201919:30 to 22:004Maple P Allan2412Willow P Mason
18 Nov 201919:30 to 22:003Elm R Inskip2121Oak M Ward
Round 9TimeRinkScoreScore
25 Nov 201919:30 to 22:002Birch R Comben1323Maple P Allan
25 Nov 201919:30 to 22:006Willow P Mason1420Elm R Inskip
25 Nov 201919:30 to 22:005Oak M Ward1731Ash B Simmons
Round 10TimeRinkScoreScore
2 Dec 201919:30 to 22:005Maple P Allan1314Ash B Simmons
2 Dec 201919:30 to 22:003Oak M Ward15.7530Willow P Mason
2 Dec 201919:30 to 22:001Birch R Comben1917.25Elm R Inskip
Round 11TimeRinkScoreScore
9 Dec 201919:30 to 22:001Birch R Comben2214Willow P Mason
9 Dec 201919:30 to 22:006Maple P Allan--Oak M Ward
9 Dec 201919:30 to 22:004Ash B Simmons1910Elm R Inskip
Round 12TimeRinkScoreScore
16 Dec 201919:30 to 22:001Elm R Inskip1322Maple P Allan
16 Dec 201919:30 to 22:003Oak M Ward366Birch R Comben
16 Dec 201919:30 to 22:006Willow P Mason1913Ash B Simmons
Round 13TimeRinkScoreScore
6 Jan 202019:30 to 22:006Maple P Allan1418Willow P Mason
6 Jan 202019:30 to 22:003Ash B Simmons1411Birch R Comben
6 Jan 202019:30 to 22:001Elm R Inskip2123Oak M Ward
Round 14TimeRinkScoreScore
13 Jan 202019:30 to 22:001Willow P Mason1722Elm R Inskip
13 Jan 202019:30 to 22:004Birch R Comben2415Maple P Allan
13 Jan 202019:30 to 22:005Oak M Ward2214Ash B Simmons
Round 15TimeRinkScoreScore
20 Jan 202019:30 to 22:001Oak M Ward2124Willow P Mason
20 Jan 202019:30 to 22:002Birch R Comben1419Elm R Inskip
20 Jan 202019:30 to 22:003Maple P Allan1222Ash B Simmons
Round 16TimeRinkScoreScore
27 Jan 202019:30 to 22:006Ash B Simmons1923Elm R Inskip
27 Jan 202019:30 to 22:004Birch R Comben1116Willow P Mason
27 Jan 202019:30 to 22:003Maple P Allan2717Oak M Ward
Round 17TimeRinkScoreScore
3 Feb 202019:30 to 22:001Oak M Ward2311Birch R Comben
3 Feb 202019:30 to 22:002Willow P Mason1621Ash B Simmons
3 Feb 202019:30 to 22:005Elm R Inskip1427Maple P Allan
Round 18TimeRinkScoreScore
10 Feb 202019:30 to 22:001Ash B Simmons1419Birch R Comben
10 Feb 202019:30 to 22:003Maple P Allan2712.75Willow P Mason
10 Feb 202019:30 to 22:004Elm R Inskip1728Oak M Ward
Round 19TimeRinkScoreScore
6 Apr 202019:30 to 22:005Willow P Mason--Elm R Inskip
6 Apr 202019:30 to 22:003Birch R Comben--Maple P Allan
6 Apr 202019:30 to 22:001Oak M Ward--Ash B Simmons
Round 20TimeRinkScoreScore
24 Feb 202019:30 to 22:001Birch R Comben1919Elm R Inskip
14 Apr 202009:30 to 12:001Oak M Ward--Willow P Mason
24 Feb 202019:30 to 22:003Maple P Allan1219Ash B Simmons
Round 21TimeRinkScoreScore
2 Mar 202019:30 to 22:003Ash B Simmons1615Elm R Inskip
2 Mar 202019:30 to 22:004Maple P Allan2016Oak M Ward
2 Mar 202019:30 to 22:005Birch R Comben1713Willow P Mason
Round 22TimeRinkScoreScore
9 Mar 202019:30 to 22:004Willow P Mason1313Ash B Simmons
9 Mar 202019:30 to 22:002Oak M Ward1617Birch R Comben
9 Mar 202019:30 to 22:001Elm R Inskip1712Maple P Allan
Round 23TimeRinkScoreScore
16 Mar 202019:30 to 22:002Elm R Inskip--Oak M Ward
16 Mar 202019:30 to 22:003Ash B Simmons--Birch R Comben
16 Mar 202019:30 to 22:005Maple P Allan--Willow P Mason
Round 24TimeRinkScoreScore
23 Mar 202019:30 to 22:005Oak M Ward--Ash B Simmons
23 Mar 202019:30 to 22:004Birch R Comben--Maple P Allan
23 Mar 202019:30 to 22:001Willow P Mason--Elm R Inskip
Round 25TimeRinkScoreScore
30 Mar 202019:30 to 22:001Maple P Allan--Ash B Simmons
30 Mar 202019:30 to 22:003Oak M Ward--Willow P Mason
30 Mar 202019:30 to 22:005Birch R Comben--Elm R Inskip

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