Online Rink Booking

You can book a rink online, over the phone or within the Club.

Roll-Ups should be booked up to a maximum of two weeks ahead. Club, County and National Competitions up to a maximum of four weeks ahead.

To book a rink online take the following easy steps ...

1. Login to the Member pages by entering a four digit membership number and password in the boxes at the very top of this page

Your 4 digit membership number is your actual membership number with additional zeros at the beginning if needed - if you only have a 2 or 3 digit membership number add two zeros or one zero respectively at the beginning. So, for example, John Smith with actual member number 123 would enter ’0123'

Your password by default is your initial, surname and 4 digit membership number - all in one entry (no spaces). So, for example, John Smith with actual member number 123 would enter 'jsmith0123'

2. Press login. If you see a welcome message then you are logged in!

3. Press the "Account" tab to the right of your welcome message

4. Go to "My Roll Up/National/County Matches" in the left hand menu half way down the page

5. Click the red box "Make a New Booking"

6. Browse the Rink Diary until you identify the session you require to book.

You can scroll to the next day by clicking 'Next' or you can jump to your required date using the date picker. 

To access the date picker on an ipad or smart phone click in the date box above the red "choose date" box and a calendar wheel will come up. To access the date picker on a laptop click the red "choose date" box and a calendar will come up.

7. Once on your selected day just hover over the session you want to book and click the orange "Book a Slot" button.

Use the drop down box to denote whether you are booking a roll up or county / national game. 

Book your rink as "confirmed" or "provisional" as appropriate [see below to make note of your preferred rink from County / National bookings]. You can also add notes such as your roll up timing, number of players or other info you want to share using the 'name fields' (see below).


You’re done!

You will get an automatic email confirmation of your booking and can see the booking immediately for yourself by viewing the rink diary from the home page of the website



a. If the particular rink you require isn't available when booking (eg the same rink for a double session county or national booking), but another rink for the relevant session is available, then book that alternative rink and make a note of your preferred rink at the bottom of the booking form. The Office will be automatically made aware of your requirement and will try to accomodate. 

b. If you are booking a roll up for less than a full session add a comment to the booking in one of the "name" fields - other members will then know the rink is available after that time


For further help on making a booking, see the Bowlr Online Booking Help Guide.

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