Mens Fixtures

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2018/19 Mens Match Programme      
Sun 30 Wealden   A 2.15pm Grey    



Sat 6 Tonbridge BC    H  2pm  Grey    
Sat 6 Denny Prelim            

Sat 13


LG A 2pm White    
Wed 17 VCD   H 2pm Grey    
Sat 20 Denny Rd 1            
Sun 21 Empire   H 2pm Grey    
Sun 28 Wealden   H 2pm Grey    

Mon 29

Summer AGM



Sat 3 Denny Rd2            
Sun 4 Royals LG H 2pm White    
Wed 7 Kent Police   H 2pm Grey    
Sat 10 Dudley Hoile Rd1            
Sun 11 Folkestone LG H 2pm White     
Sat 17 Riverside   H 2pm Grey    
Sat 17 Denny Rd 3            
Sun 18 Oyster LG H 2pm White    
Wed 21 Orpington   H 2pm Grey    
Sat 24 Dudley Hoile Rd2            
Sun 25 Prince Arthur LG H 2pm White    

Wed 28

Club AGM



Sat 1 Ashford LG H 2pm White    
Sat 1 Dudley Hoile Rd 3            
Sun 2 Sevenoaks LG 2pm  White     
Sat 8 Denny Rd 4            
Sun 9 Dartford  LG A 2pm White    
Sat 15 Ladies v Mens Pres   H 2pm Grey    
Fri 28 Festive Fun Day   H 2pm FESTIVE    
Sat 5 Denny Rd 5            
Sun 6 Oyster  LG A 2.30pm White    
Sat 12 Deangate  LG A 2.15pm White    
Sat 13 Mote Park  LG H 2pm White    
Wed 16 Kent Police   2pm  Grey     
Sat 19 Denny Quarters            
Sat 19 Whiteoak  LG A 2pm White    
Sun 20 Men of/Kentish v Rest    H  2pm  Grey     
Sun 27 Swale  LG H 2pm White    
Sat 2 Borough Green   H  2pm   Grey            
Sun 3 Royals  LG 2pm  White     
Sat 9 Bromley  LG 2pm  White     
Sat 9 Dudley Hoile Rd4            
Sun 10 KCIBA   H 2pm White    
Sat 16 Piscatorials   H 2pm Grey    
Sun 17 Bromley  LG A 2pm Grey    
Wed 20 Bidborough   H 2pm Grey    
Sun 24 Dartford  LG H 2pm White    


Sat 2 Ashford  LG    A    2pm   White                 
Sat 9 Mote Park  LG A 2pm White    
Wed 13 Crowborough Wolfe   H 2pm  Grey    
Sat 16 Junior Skills Day   H 5.30      
Sun 17 Deangate  LG H 2pm White     
Sat 23 Dudley Hoile Finals            
Sun 24 Swale  LG A 2pm White    
Sun 31 Prince Arthur  LG A 2.30pm White    


Fri 5 Insurance BA   H 2.30pm Grey    
Sat 6 Sevenoaks  LG 2pm  White     
Sun 7 Whiteoak  LG H 2pm  White    

8 to  12



Wed 17

Mens AGM







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