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Men's Kent League Sunday Nov 17th

Angels fixture today was against Oyster from Whitstable. A team not to be taken lightly, so again Angels will have to be at their best. At 2 pm the match commences and the winner will be known when 21 ends have been completed. Angels, in their usual fashion, started very quickly to gain an early advantage, in fact after 10 ends halfway stage were leading on 5 rinks and shot score Angels 65 -Oyster 32.

Rink 1 skipped by M Yates were always in command and won 22 – 13. Opposing skip R Clee and his team put up a good fight to no avail. Rink 2 skipped by B Simmons had the strongest opposition skipped by A. Cornfoot. I applaud our players on rink 2 for competing so well. It was unfortunate that on the final end they dropped 4 shots. Angels 15 – Oyster 21. Well done Oyster.

Rink 3 skipped by B. Chalklin played very well. In fact the Angel rink was too strong for the opponents skipped by P. R. Gentle. Angels won 27 – 12. Well done to you all. Rink 4 skipped by T. Morez had the highest winning rink on the last 4 matches, again came up trumps winning 33 – 6. Congrats to A. Coles, K. Elliment, M. Bates and T. Morez.  Condolences to J. Day and his team.

Rink 5 was skipped by T. Prince and it was nice to see Terry playing in this match which was well supported by his rink members beating opposing skip I. Burton 29 – 12. Magnificent result, well done. Rink 6, the captain’s rink, skipped by A. Philpott; this was the first time we had captain and vice captain playing together on the same rink. Rink 6 proved to be too strong for the opposition skipped by captain B. Watson;  Angels won 29 -8. Well played everyone.

So in conclusion Angles won on 5 rinks = 5 points. Oyster won on one rink = 1 point. Overall shot score Angels 155 – Oyster 72,  a margin of 83 points. 4 points to Angels for the win. Overall result Angels 9 points, Oyster 1 point.

What can one say but keep up all this good work.

For the latest league positions see here


Best wishes from Captain Adrian and Vice Peter



On Sunday Angels played host to Folkestone for their Kent League fixture. This was a difficult game for Angels as Folkestone currently top the league and it should be an interesting and close match.

So this proved to be on Rink 1 skipped by M. Yates, beating the opposing skip M. Trow just 21 – 18. Well done all, good result.

Rink 2 was skipped by B. Simmons and beating their opposing skip J. Hardie 19 – 14. A fantastic result and well done to each of you

Rink 3 was skipped by J. Parker and they were not so fortunate, but nevertheless put in a valiant performance, narrowly loosing on the last end 15 - 17. Well done to G. Poole the opposing skip.

Rink 4 skipped by T. Morez was our highest winning rink 30 – 8. Many congrats to A. Coles, K. Elliment and M. Bates who made up the rink. This was a well deserved win so keep up the good work. Our sympathy to opposing skip J. Berry.

Unfortunately rink 5, skipped by Captain A. Philpott, made a good start but could not maintain the pressure, and in the final ends lost 16 – 21 to D. Johnson. Well done to Folkestone.

Rink 6 fared no better. Skip G. McIlravey had a good game, but unfortunately the game was lost in the first half. However, Angels of today do not roll over but pick themselves up, dust themselves down, and through grit and determination claw their way back to reduce the deficit. In the end Rink 6 just lost 17 – 24 to opposing skip J. Cresswell. A deserved win to Folkestone. They bowled very well.

In conclusion both Angels and Folkestone won on 3 rinks – 3 pts each. On overall shot score Angels 118 – Folkestone 102. Well done everyone. 4 more pts to Angels, which means Angels 7 pts, Folkestone 3 pts. On behalf of Captain Adrian and Vice Peter we appreciate all who want to play for Angels and long may it continue. Our next opponents Oyster are another good team and another test for the Angles to overcome.

Best wishes to you all.


Today we played our first game at home this season to our local rivals The Royals from Tunbridge Wells. This was a compelling game of bowls and so it proved to be.

On rink 1 skipped by M. Yates the score was level 20-20 going in to the final end, but through our determination the Angels were holding 4 shots. That was sufficient to get us over the line 24-20. Well done to you all. Rink 2 was skipped by B. Simmons and was not an easy match, especially when the opposing skip was B. Crittle. It was a very competitive but fair game, and after 21 ends B.Simmons emerged with a smile from ear to ear, winning 19-16. Fantastic result, well done everybody. Rink 3. This is when Angels needed to win by bigger margins, and skip B. Chalklin and his team never disappointed. With superb bowling won 30-9. Well done everyone, and hard luck to R. Waters the opposing skip. Rink 4 was our highest winning rink, winning 42-4 consisting of A. Coles, G. Armour, M Bates and skipped by T. Morez. Many congrats to each and every one of you. And I suppose one could feel sympathy with the opposing skip G. Parsons because he probably didn’t know what hit him. Rink 5 skipped by A. Philpott was leading for most of the game. The opposing skip D. Easton as we approached the final furlong had other ideas and managed to sneak a result by 2 shots, 16-18. Well done The Royals. Rink 6 skipped by D. Hayward were unable to secure a win after controlling most of the game. But the 17th end Angels dropped 3 shots allowing The Royals, skipped by S. Dadswell, back into the game and giving them momentum to continue and win by 2 shots, 18-20. Well done to them, it was a competitive game but fair, played in the right spirit which can be said for all the rinks.

To conclude the result Angels won on 4 rinks = 4points. Royals won on 2 rinks= 2 points. The overall shot score Angels 149, Royals 88, 4 more points to Angels making the overall score Angels 8 points, Royals 2 points.

On behalf of Captain Adrian and Vice Peter would like to thank everybody including the reserves for submitting your names for selection. Our next game 10th November at home to Folkestone will test Angels’ resolve, but we are confident that we can achieve another good result.


Best wishes Vice Peter


MENS KENT LEAGUE Saturday 26.10.19

On Saturday 26th October Angels travelled to Sittingbourne for their Kent League fixture against Swale, hoping to continue their good form after beating Thanet away the previous week.

Angels started well and at the halfway stage 10 ends were leading on 4 rinks and 21 shot, overall advantage 45 – 66. The surface was very spongy after a new underlay was fitted during mid week, but the carpet had not yet been stretched. This meant the bowls were travelling a yard slower. However, as the game progressed, Angels appear to have come to terms with this better than the hosts, winning on 4 rinks and losing on 2 rinks. Well done to everyone who participated. The overall score was Swale 91 – Angels 131. We were clear winners by 40 shots and 4 points for the win.

We had a top winning rink consisting of A. Coles, J. Gage, M. Bates and skipped by T. Morez. Many congratulations and we applaud you all. Well done.

The final result was Swale 2 points, Angles 8 points. On behalf of Captain Adrian and myself I would like to thank everyone for your contributions to achieve this result. Next week we play our local rivals The Royals at home.

Vice Peter

MENS KENT LEAGUE Sunday 20.10.19


We travelled to Cliftonville to play our Kent league match against Thanet.

We the Angels started very well and at the halfway stage were leading on 4 rinks and shot score, Thanet 40 – Angels 48. Angels continued to force the proceedings and opened the gap on shot score.

We had a top winning rink which comprised of P. Colyer, N. Platt, K. Smith and skipped by M. Yates. Many congratulations to each and everyone of you. In conclusion to the match Angels can stand up and be proud of yourselves. Your determination is reflected in the result Thanet 2 pts, 82 ¼ shot score – Angel 8 pts, 117 shot score, winning on 4 rinks = 4 pts for overall shot score.

So on behalf of Captain Adrian and Vice Captain Peter we would like to thank you for competing.

Vice Peter

Kent League 12.10.19 v Folkestone

Welcome to all Angel Indoor Bowlers for another fun filled year of bowling. This year the barriers have been set high after our wonderful achievements last season. But we Angels are more determined and stronger than ever, and I am sure we will have another amazing season. We kicked off the season with out first match away to Folkestone on Saturday 12th October. The match for the most part was very evenly poised. Angels won on 3 rinks, which is no mean achievement. We won 3 points.

We had a top winning rink. Many congratulations to M Ward, T Minter, T London and skip B Simmons. It was also very nice to see Colin bowling again. We hope that he continues to get stronger. We are with you all the way. Well done to Folkestone, who received 7 points. Folkestone had the highest overall shot score 122 – Angels 97. This is an improvement on previous years. 

Captain Adrian appreciates all your efforts. Next week we are away to Thanet. If you are available for selection please submit your names on the match fixture sheet. 

All best wishes

Vice Peter


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