Winter 20/21 Leagues

This winter's leagues are a little different. The various leagues being organised are set out below. These replace the usual Leagues programme for this winter.

This winter there will also be three shorter "seasons". This will accommodate members joining in at various points through the year. The first season is "Autumn 20".

Autumn 20

The first "season" ("Autumn 20") starts on October 13th and runs to Dec 11th. All teams for this season have been allocated and Captains have been given relevant contact details.

See here for the full team lists

See here for fixtures and league tables

See here for singles league tables

To keep things simple there are no league fees, no prizes and no dress-code (other than regulation shoes).

All leagues, apart from the Thursday 12.00 Ladies League are 'open' to all members.

Autumn 2020 Leagues - click on any highlighted text for more info

Tuesday 12.00 Aussie Pairs (enter as team of 2 or more or as individuals)

Tuesday 19.30 Novice Triples

Wednesday 14.30 Triples

Wednesday 19.30 Jokers Pairs

Thursday 12.00 Ladies Triples

Thursday 19.30 Super 7s Pairs (enter as team of 2 or more or as individual)

Friday 14.30 Triples

Singles League - no specified session

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