18/19 Club Comp Winners

Many congratulations to all the winners and runners up. See below for photo gallery and runners up.  The winners were ....

Mens Singles: D Hanmore

Womens Singles: M Standley 

Bernard King Singles: P Harris

Mens Pairs: D Hanmore, G Templeton

Womens Pairs: J Campbell, D Slater

Ladies Triples: J Campbell, A Cater, K Ottaway

Mens Triples: D Hanmore, R Hood, N Ramage

Senior Pairs: Maggie & Graham Standley

Husband & Wife Pairs: Kim & Duncan Hanmore


Mens Singles Winner: D Hanmore 

… and runner up: Peter Harris


Womens Singles Winner: M Stanley 

… and runner up: D Slater

Bernard King Singles Winner: P Harris


… and runner up: I Sandford


Mens Pairs Winners: D Hanmore,  G Templeton


… and runners up: A Regan, T Young


Womens Pairs Winners: J Campbell, D Slater


… and runners up J Clarke, A Cater


Ladies Triples Winners J Campbell, A Cater, K Ottaway


… and runners up C Bruce, C Elliment, G Smithies


Mens Triples Winners: D Hanmore, R Hood, N Ramage


… and runners up A Philpott, A Regan, T Young


Senior Pairs Winners Maggie & Graham Standley


… and runners up Babs Tester & Brian Simmons


Aussie Pairs Winners Peter Allen and Paul Gent

… and runners up Malcolm Yates & Tom Young


Husband & Wife Pairs Winners Kim & Duncan Hanmore


… and runners up Maggie & Graham Standley

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