Club Comps Summer 2021

Click button below link to see the "Competition Trees" and drawn Pairs / Triples teams.

Arranging Games
If you have entered either singles competition and your name is above your opponent’s then you need to proactively contact them to arrange the game. Contact details are on the Noticeboard in the Club. Your game will already be sitting in your Bowlr Account (see under "My Club Competition Matches") ready for you to book a date and rink. You must arrange to play before the cut off date given in the "Competition Tree".

If you have entered the Pairs or Triples then your first step is to make contact with your team-mate(s). Contact details are on the Noticeboard in the Club. Then, if your Pair / Triple are placed above your opponents names in the ‘draw’ then your team is responsible for arranging the game.


The following rules will apply

a) 2 up and 2 down trial ends

b) use of re-spots if jack leaves rink sideways, use of 'T' if jack is ditched in pairs or triples

c) placed jacks (by skip with feet)

d) no obligation to use marker for singles

e) use of second 'T' at far end for triples

f) play to earlier of 21 ends (pairs), 18 ends (triples), 21 shots (singles) and the 2 and half hour session end

Finals Day

The finals are to be played on Saturday September 11th.  Please ensure that you are available for that date if at all possible. If you cannot be available on that date please let the competition organiser know.

Thanks to Jim Parker and Roger Hood for arranging.


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