21 / 22 Winter National & County Entries

Please see below for Entry arrangements for winter 21 / 22

National Competitions

Entries for 2020/21 have been carried forward to 21/22 by the EIBA. But if there are any more members who would like to enter via the club could they please let Dawn Slater have entries together with a cheque for the relevant amount by 1st June 2021. Dawn's home address is below. Or you can enter individually through the EIBA web site.

if you wish to leave your application and payment within the Club, this must be deposited within the usual 'comps entry' box by Friday May 21st.


Men's County Competitions

Entry forms for 2021/22 can be downloaded from the County Website kciba.co.uk . Forms to be returned to Dawn please along with payment by 18th July (payable to Angel Tonbridge IBC), or returned to the Club (into the usual 'comps entry' box) by Wednesday 30th June.

2019/20 competitions will be completed next season


Ladies KCLIBA Competitions

Entry forms are available below. These are to be returned to Dawn.
Competitions from 2019/20 will NOT be finished.





Dawn Slater 5 Blacksole Road, Wrotham TN15 7DB for return of forms

email ladiessecretary@angelibc.co.uk

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