Open Weekend

Thank you very much to everyone who volunteered at our Open Weekend. We had over 30 volunteers welcoming 129 visitors to the Club over the 2 days!


The feedback from our visitors was amazing; everyone had a great time and were especially complementary of the warm welcome given by our volunteers. 

As a result of all the hard work we had 16 visitors joining the Club over the weekend, another 34 already signed up for our free taster sessions and another 39 asking that we follow up to arrange.


An amazing weekend and we can now all look forward to meeting and bowling with all our new members. 

Thanks again to everyone who made the weekend such a success.


From the organising committee

Matt, David, Lorna, Neil, Paul, Diana


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Angel Bowls Club welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to prospective members of all ages, abilities and agilities - from juniors to great-grandparents, from absolute beginners to national level players.

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