Bar re-opening

Dear all,

Last week we contacted you to say we would look into the possibility of safely opening the bar and restaurant, even if bowling is still not permitted.

That assessment has now been finished, and we're pleased to find that we can safely open the bar and restaurant areas using the 1 metre+ social distancing guidelines.


To keep anyone using the bar as safe as possible, we have used 2 metres distancing wherever possible, but there are a few instances where the distance is about 1.5 metres. Also, to maintain the safety of everyone using the bar, there will be a number of guidelines that we will ask everyone to adhere to whilst in the club. These and all other information will be published in due course, and well in advance of any opening.


We have also just received notification from EIBA that we can open the bar and restaurant area (although still not the bowling hall yet), subject to all relevant government guidelines. We will look to do this as soon as possible.


However, there are a number of essential tasks we now need to undertake to be able to re-open the bar and we anticipate they will take two to three weeks. We will then re-open the bar on a restricted basis whether or not we are allowed to re-open the bowling hall by then.

Please keep your eye on the website for the very latest updates although emails will also be sent as soon as a firm opening date is available for the bar and / or bowling hall.

Finally, the latest Board minutes are also now available on the website.


Keep safe everybody,

Bernard, Matthew, Neil, Paul

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