9 Dec Update

Dear fellow members

Following our previous message of 26 November, It is with a great deal of regret that, in line with neighbouring covid tier-3 indoor bowling clubs, your board have decided that the club should now remain closed through to the new year. 

This decision follows a recent communication from the EIBA that clarified the position for covid tier-3 clubs such as ours. Whilst we are permitted to open, it would be solely for “single household” roll-ups, with both the bar and restaurant remaining closed, and with the club committing to ensure no mixing of households inside the club. 

Given the restrictions we would thus be under, and with local covid case rates still running at such a high level, it is felt that for reasons of both member safety and financial necessity the club should remain closed for now. 

We will review the position again between xmas and the new year, with the continued intention of opening the club as soon as possible. 

It is notable that the EIBA have also recently clarified the position for clubs in covid tier-2. These clubs are permitted to open both their bar and restaurant and to at least play multi-household games of singles (but not yet multi-household pairs or triples). This is then perhaps a next step we can all look forward to achieving in the new year. Hopefully, being the first step on a path back towards a version of ‘normal’ later in 2021.

In the meantime we wish all our members well and to please stay safe through the festive season



Bernard, Matthew, Neil, Paul

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