24 June Update

Dear all,


In these ever-changing times, we hope that you all remain safe and well.


Following yesterday's government announcement regarding further easing of lockdown restrictions the EIBA released the following statement.



"Following the Prime Minister’s statement earlier today on the next steps of easing the lockdown I wish to advise that unfortunately Indoor Bowls, along with other Indoor Sports and Gyms, were not included in the permitted activities. Therefore, Indoor Bowls Clubs are to remain closed.

The EIBA will continue to liaise with Sport England as they work closely with the Government to ensure that Indoor sports facilities can open as soon as possible.

In addition, we will be studying the Government’s guidance, when published, relating to the new social distancing of 1 metre plus, so that we can update our ‘Returning to Indoor Bowls’ document in order for Clubs to continue making appropriate preparations for when the sport can re-commence.

As soon as we have further information in these matters, we will update our affiliated Clubs and County"



It is clear from this that our bowling hall needs to remain closed until further notice (although we did also see a tweet from Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden saying he was hopeful of indoor sports facilities opening in mid July, so fingers crossed!). What is less clear, though, is whether our bar and restaurant would be allowed to open on July 4 or not - we're seeking clarification from the EIBA on that.


Previously, following our risk assessment based on guidance from both Bowls England and our insurers, our conclusion was that restricted bowling could resume at the Angel as soon as permitted, but that the bar and restaurant could not be safely re-opened whilst the 2 metre social distancing was in place.


However, now that that this limit has changed to 1 metre+ we will re-assess whether the bar and restaurant can be safely and viably re-opened when allowed to. To undertake such a re-assessment and implement all required safety measures takes time. Given all staff are currently furloughed these tasks fall to volunteers. Of the four club directors, two are still shielding at home and the other two work full time. So, in order to expedite this as quickly as we can, if you can spare some time to help with this, please reply to this email and one of the directors will contact you to co-ordinate.


Finally, thanks to everyone that took the time to reply to our question in the last newsletter regarding returning to play. That question is still open - please let us know when you think you might return to play, or use our social facilities.

Also, if you have any questions or feedback on any of the above please reply to this email or use the contact form on the website and we will try to respond as soon as we can.


Many thanks and best regards, 

Bernard, Matthew, Neil and Paul

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