21/22 Winter Leagues

The draws for our winter leagues are complete and all captains have been given their teams. 

If you have signed up for a league your captain will be in touch with you over the next days. Please be patient if you haven't yet heard anything, everyone involved is a volunteer!  Keep an eye on your club pigeon-hole.


If you haven't heard anything by the end of this week and would like to follow up, the full list of league Stewards is...


Monday 12pm Open Triples : Jackie Clarke

Monday 7.30pm Open Pairs: Gary McIlravey

Tuesday 9.30am Ladies Triples: Gwen Smithies

Tuesday 12pm Aussie Pairs: Trevor London

Tuesday 7.30pm Open Triples: Keith Elliment

Wednesday 7.30pm Mixed Triples: not running

Thursday 9.30am Open Triples: Ray Ecclestone

Thursday 7.30pm Mens Rinks: Richard Comben

Friday 12pm Ladies Triples: Isabel Manktelow


Thanks to all League Stewards and Captains for stepping forward.. Without you there would be no leagues.




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