Health & Safety

Director Responsible: Keith Elliment

The below links provide the Club’s primary Health & Safety documents.

Please speak to the Club Manager or Director responsible for Health & Safety should you require further information or wish to see the Club’s further Health & Safety policies.

Club Emergency Procedures

Please see the Club’s Emergency Procedures File at the Front Desk for all Emergency Procedures including Fire, Flood, Intruder and Medical Emergency.

Latest Club Risk Assesments

  1. Club overall Risk Assessment: Angel Risk Assessment (June 2018)
  2. Club Fire Risk Assessment: Fire Risk Assessment (June 2018) 

Icy Weather

In the event of inclement weather the Club has a supply of salt to use in the Car Park.

However, in the event of the Car Park and / or access to the Club being deemed as unsafe the Club may have to be temporarily closed. Should this happen then regular updates will be posted on the Club’s website and twitter.

Members are advised to refer to the Club website for the latest news.

Lone Member Club Access

The following Policy relates to members accessing the building when no member of staff or green steward is present. Adherance with this policy is a condition of member access at such times.

Lone Member Access Policy 


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