Club Bye Laws

Click link here to download a .pdf of the current Bylaws…Byelaws Sept 2018 

Note, compared to the previous version of the bye-laws (January 2017) the material changes are:  

(1) It is no longer necessary to wear ‘greys’ for roll ups or casual play. Any dress appropriate to the wider Club is also deemed appropriate for rolls ups and casual play within the Bowling Hall (together with Regulation shoes).

(2) Club Policies issued by the Board (available on website and within Club, see below) should be read in conjunction with these Bye-Laws.

(3) Abuse to staff or officers, wilful breach of the Bye-Laws or acting in any way detrimental to the interests of the Club are now also considered potential reasons for consideration of reprimand, suspension or expulsion

(4) Applications for membership will be displayed on the Club Noticeboard for 14 days (increased from 48 hours) before full Membership granted

(5) Disabled Bowls Club now referred to as Assisted Bowls Club


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