100 Club

The 100 Club is run by volunteers to raise money for the Club.

For an annual subscription of just £12 per annum you have the chance of winning one of three monthly prizes plus one of three quarterly prizes. See the recent prizes awared below. 

If you are interested in joining the 100 Club please speak with Tony Wheeler, Bob Bowlby or the Office.



Recent Prize Winners


March 2020
This months winners are:

Quarterly Prizes:
£125  Mrs P Ellis
£50   Mr D Rhoden
£25   Mr M Copnell

Monthly Prizes:
Mrs K Ottaway, Mr R Colyer, Mr T Young
Each win £12

February 2020
This months winners are:

Mr K Ashby, Mrs P Kohlbeck, Mr A G Wheeler
Each receive £12

January 2020

Mrs M E Wood. 
Mr A G Wheeler
Mr J Parker
All receive £12

December 2019

Quarterly Prizes

£125 - Mrs J Campbell.    £50  -  Mrs D Knott.    £25  -  Mrs H Colyer

Monthly Prizes

£12  -  Mr J Excell.     £12  -  Mr W Stewart.     £12  -  Mr P Couchman

November 2019
Mrs B Tester.   Mrs D Knott.   Mr T Smith
Each receive £12

October 2019
Mrs S Lacey    Mrs J Dann.   Mrs V Weaver
Each win £12.

September 2019

Quarterly Prizes

£125       Mr M Gates

£50         Mrs A Couchman

£25         Mr A G Wheeler

Monthly Prizes

£12         Mr W Stewart.   Mr M Copnell.     Mrs J Eckett

August 2019

Mrs V Weaver.     Mr K Washington.   Mrs P Ridley
Each receive £12

July 2019

Mr P Burtenshaw.    Mrs M.Dyke.   Mrs A.Durkin.    

Each receive £12

May 2019

Quarterly Prizes
£125  Mrs S Gates
£50    Mrs P Ridley
£25    Mrs D Morgans

Monthly Prizes

Mrs J Hammond.  Mr A G Wheeler.  Mr W Matthews
(Each receive £12)

April 2019

Mr P Byne      Mr P Colyer     Mr A Wheele
Each win £12.

March 2019

Mrs L Josling       Mr W Stewart      Mr V Armstrong
Each win £12.

February 2019

Quarterly Prizes:
£125 - Mrs B Taylorson      £50-Mrs L P Goldup     £25-Mrs G Smithies

Monthly Prizes (Each win £12):
Mrs V Armstrong      Mrs D Sanderson      Mr B A Reeves

January 2019

Monthly Prizes (Each win £12):
Mr J Tilt        Mr M Copnell        Mrs J Aldridge

December 2018

Quarterly Prizes

£125 - Mr P Harling     £50  - Mr G Holt.     £25 - Mrs V Cook.

Monthly Prizes

£12 - Mr R Colyer     £12 - Mr N Platt.      £12 - Mr P S Corke

November 2018

Monthly Prizes (each win £12):
Mrs M E Wood
Mr W Stewart
Mrs C Parker

October 2018

Monthly Prizes (each win £12):
Mrs J Aldridge
Mr D Fenner
Mrs D Sanderson

September 2018

Quarterly Prizes:
£125 Mrs M Freeman
£50  Mr G Holt
£25  Mr D Blake

Monthly Prizes (each win £12):
Mr J Knott
Mrs S Gates
Mrs I Manktelow

Aug 2018

Monthly Prizes:(each receive £12)
Mr N Matthews 
Mr G Holt     
Mr M Gates

July 2018

Monthly Prizes:(each receive £12)
Mr R Bowlby
Mr A Wheeler     
Mr F Lay

June 2018

This months prize winners are:-

Quarterly Prizes:
£125  Mrs V Weaver
£  50  Mr W Stewart
£  25  Mr K Ashby     

Monthly Prizes:(each receive £12)
Mr P Burtenshaw 
Mrs P Ellis     
Mr T Prince

May 2018

This months winners are:

Mr K Newman
Mrs E Ashby
Mr L Roberts

Each receive £12.

April 2018

This months Prize Winners are:

Mrs J Eckett
Mr T Prince
Mr A K Carpenter

Each receive £12


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