20/21 Leagues Explained

This year we have shorter "seasons" and new league formats available. The different formats being planned are further explained below

Aussie Pairs – a popular format now well known in the club. Both players play lead and skip, swapping roles from end to end. A fun format that can also help develop bowlers. 

Joker Pairs League – This is a pairs league with a difference! Each player gets a Joker to play at any time, but must be announced at the start of an end. On the end you elect to play your joker, when all woods have been bowled you are allowed to take away one of your opposition's woods before declaring the head complete. You may be one down with 5 seconds, and then pick up 5 shots! You may be 2 down and then drop only a single! You can even double up and both players of a team can play their jokers on the same end, taking out 2 bowls! How will you use your Joker? Play it early and try to establish a lead, or leave it till late?

Super 7’s Pairs League – A pairs league with a twist! You play 7 ends with 4 bowls each, 7 ends with 3 bowls each, and the remainder of the session (up to 7 ends) with 2 bowls each. Skips and Leads may also swap places after each set of 7 ends, i.e. after 7 ends or after 14 ends. 

Football League - A Triples League where the aim is for teams to score goals! To score a goal, you need to hold 3 shots at the completion of an end. But you can also give away penalties, by knocking the jack out the side of the rinks. Enter as a team, and pick your team club colours (not compulsory but will add to the flavour of the competition!).

Singles League - Based on the Bernard King competition but in League format rather than knockout. So games will be played over 2 sets of 9 ends, with a 3 end tie break if required. It is hoped that we will get enough entries to play a number of divisions (players seeded by experience). After each league "season" there will then be promotion and relegation. These leagues will NOT be run on a particular session; it will be up to players to organise their own games and fulfill their fixtures by the specified league finish date.



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