Important Newsletter from the Board

Important News from the Board

The board would inform all members that the Catering Agreement with Mark and Kerry ( Jenners Catering) has been terminated as at 28th February 2017 due to poor performance and lack of service.
We would apologise to all members that have been affected by this.
We are extremely disappointed with this situation but we believed we had very little alternative.
Going forward we are pleased to announce that as from 1st March 2017 the appointment of Gary Dent (Chef) who some of you know when he was here as temporary cover late last year.
The catering side of our Club has suffered greatly but Gary along with us is determined to rebuild this.
However he cannot do this without the support of the members and therefore we would dutifully request wherever possible the following:
1)      The Sunday roll up to attend the Sunday Roast
2)      The regular daily eaters to return to the fold.
3)      Special nights that have been arranged or are to be arranged to be fully supported.
4)      Lunchtime casual users to return and spread the word.


Bernard Buss

February Newsletter


February 9th 2017
Newsletter Number 40

It is with regret we have to inform you that Peter McKoen has resigned from the board due to ill health. We would thank him for his past efforts and wish him well for the future. 
We are still looking for Bar Staff for certain shifts and if anyone is interested and feel they can help please contact Paul Buss.
We are extremely surprised and disappointed that no one from the club has applied for the position of Club Steward. The position is still open and if anyone is interested please contact the Chairman. Please bear in mind the hours stated are flexible. 
Bernard Buss

Since the last newsletter we have been saddened to hear of the deaths of John Lynch, John Cross and Alec Hamilton.  They will be much missed.

I am sure you will all agree that the new sandbucket arrangement for ash and cigarette ends outside in the smoking area is a good improvement on the old small wall bin which was often overflowing.  However unfortunately some smokers have continued to leave ends on the ground or to fill up the bucket with other rubbish.  Since it is no part of the cleaners’ remit to clear this up it has meant that office staff or other members have had to do it.  Let us keep this area tidy and make it pleasanter for smokers and non-smokers alike.

The Friday morning session for disabled bowlers continues to be popular with all concerned, much as it has done for many years now. We never know in advance the balance between bowlers and helpers on any particular Friday but somehow things work out for the enjoyment of all concerned.
At present, we have room to take on a couple of new bowlers and new helpers (even if only on a reserve list) are always welcome. Please contact Peter & Margaret Swan on 01732 352835 in either case.
We have recently received the very kind gift to the disabled section of a bowls pusher (gatherer?) from Don Bottle.  This will make life a lot easier for helpers and bowlers alike.
We are grateful to the club directors for their support, not least for the prospect of new and shorter hard boards to put down to protect the carpet. Not many of us can still manage the bigger ones!

Peter Nicholls has put on noticeboards at the club the opportunity of a holiday to Potters in October 2017.  People going can then enter the bowls competition if they so wish.  It is teams of 4 and people can put themselves together as a team, or he can link people together if they so wish.  If you think you might be interested look on the noticeboards where you will find a list that you can add your name to as showing interest.  At this stage, Peter is merely trying to find out if people want to go and if there seem to be sufficient numbers he will obtain deposits and make the bookings.  Details of what it says on the noticeboard are shown below.
5 days (4 nights) commencing Monday 16th October

  • Full board in standard bungalows
  • Coach travel to and from Potters
  • Free entry to bowls competition (if desired) – teams of 4
  • Coach excursions during the holiday
  • “midweek showbreak”

Cost £345 per person
Supplement for bungalow plus accommodation £20 per person
Hotel accommodation subject to availability
Angel’s Junior Section are collecting Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers. A collecting box has been placed under the Juniors’ notice board from Saturday 28th January. If all members, friends of members, family, anyone, gather as many as they can and place them in the box it would be most appreciated.
Lorna Goldup – Junior Co-ordinator

Have you ever been distracted by someone moving behind the head just as you are about to bowl?  There are many issues like this which may or may not be in the rules but nevertheless make a big difference to the relaxed enjoyment of the game for all of us.   We have therefore decided to run an occasional series on the etiquette of bowls for the information of newer bowlers (and to remind more experienced bowlers of what they may have forgotten!)
If you are behind the head, on or off the green, always look before you move and keep still if a player is on the mat ready to bowl towards you.  Similarly look through the glass part of the doors into the bowls hall and wait to enter if you are in a bowler’s sight line.  Finally as you change ends try to walk up the centre of the rink and not to stop for a group conference in the middle as it makes it difficult for bowlers either side to take the green they need.  If we all do these simple things it eliminates the frustration we have all felt at times when we are distracted or forced to wait as we prepare to bowl.

The deadline for inclusions in the next newsletter is 10th March.  Send articles to  or find me in the club.  The success of the newsletter depends on having something to print!
Gwen Smithies (Ed)