Oh what a Beautiful Morning, Bowling is coming our way. We’re re-opening Saturday 13th September! Keep watching - more detail’s coming soon.

Can you help the Disabled Section.

Our small band of helpers at Sevenoaks have been very supportive, but we shall be needing more ‘helpers’ to assist with twice the number of bowlers we have been looking after at Sevenoaks when disabled bowling starts again at The Angel.

 If anyone (previous helper or new volunteer) can join the happy band on Friday mornings please let us know.

 If you can help us please telephone 01732 352835 or CLICK HERE to send us a message.

 Your club needs you!

 Peter & Margaret Swan

Recovering from the Christmas Eve flood

Dales, who are responsible for laying the new floor, have now been at the club for over a week and are making good progress. You can see what a complex job it is laying a new bowls floor. All the battens you can see have to be screwed into the concrete floor and levelled with a laser to ensure they are dead level. It will take well over 10,000 screws to fix them down. The white you can see is polystyrene and that is laid between the battens.When they have completed that phase they will put one inch thick chipboard flooring on top, followed by under felt and then the carpet on top of that. Hopefully they will finish in about 2 weeks time. The new bar is being built from Monday onwards and will be a great improvement. The new flood doors, that we hope will help safeguard the club from future floods, will be fitted in the week beginning 22nd July and once they are fitted the new flooring will be laid and things will move rapidly after that. We are still hoping that we will be welcoming our members back in early September.
Stop press.

The photo above was taken Tuesday and the one below was taken today at lunchtime.Now that’s what I call progress!


Membership Subscriptions and Rink Fees for 2014/15.
Because of the disastrous flood at the end of last year it has been decided to charge a nominal sum for existing members subscriptions for the coming year, 2014/15. This small charge is to cover the affiliation fees to the EIBA and KCIBA and will also provide the board with an accurate number of members the club have so that we can set a budget for 2015/16.
There will also be a new category of Social Membership called “Social Membership + Summer bowling”. This has been added because the EIBA have decided to charge affiliation fees to all our social members because they have the opportunity to play in the Summer. As we know that very few Social members use this facility, we have introduced this new category so that those who do wish to play in the summer, can, and the increase will cover the affiliation fees we have to pay.

Category Existing Members New members
Full Membership £10 £80
Disabled Bowlers £5 £23
Social Membership £5 £25
Social Membership + summer bowling £7.50 £27.50
Junior Membership £3 £16
Green Stewards £10 £25


Rink Fees Cost per Individual
Undefined £3.60
Disabled (Specified disabled session) £2.10
Juniors (specified session) £1.70
Junior and disabled members playing outside specified sessions. £3.60
Social members + Summer bowling £3.60
Members Guests £5.45
Visitors/public rink £5.45*
County/ National double rink booking £4.90

*A minimum rink charge of £21.80 will apply unless playing with full member.

Sir John Stanley Visit.
As mentioned in the last newsletter Sir John will visit the club on the July 18th. Perhaps I didn’t make it clear in the last newsletter, but the Directors are very anxious to ask him specific questions on projects we have been working on and where we think he may be able to use his influence to help us. We would therefore ask members, who may have thought it was an open meeting, to leave it to us so we can get our points across in the limited time he will be at the club.
New League Secretary and computer software.
I am delighted to announce that Malcolm Ward has volunteered to be the new League Secretary. The importance of this role cannot be over estimated because it is vital that we get the Leagues up and running when the leagues start on September 29th. To assist him the club has invested in some computer software that will make his job, and also the League Stewards, much easier. For example, League Stewards had the time consuming task of providing all the scorecards for all the teams in their particular league. Having done it I know what a boring job that was! With the new software all the cards for all the leagues will be printed using the new software. At the present time Malcolm is spending a lot of his spare time learning how to use the new soft ware and as soon as he is ready we will be contacting existing League Stewards and Captains so we can get the league programme organised.
Dan and Vicky are looking forward to seeing their brand new Kitchen open.
Since the flood dozens of members have asked how Dan and Vicky are managing without the club. Like all of us they miss the club and all its members. Dan has been working in a school canteen in Swanley and Vicky has a part time job locally.They have also helped Phil with designing the new kitchen that had to be gutted following the flood. They have also found time to have a holiday in Florida where they visited all the Disney Parks and according to Vicky, they had a fantastic time. They send their best wishes to all the members and look forward to seeing them again in September.
Greyhound racing at Sittingbourne.
Trip to Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium. Saturday 29th November 2014.
The cost is £40 includes a Christmas 3 Course Meal, Entrance Fee, Race Card and return coach from the bowls club.
Excellent Value for money !
Places do go quickly so please book early to ensure your seats. All tables are window seats.

Deposit of £ 10 per person will be required by 1st August 2014 PLEASE.

Please contact Wendy Ward – 01732 500042 or email address wonderward1@gmail.com

Passing away of Teddy Hodgeson.
It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Teddy Hodgeson. He was always known as Ted and was playing in several leagues prior to the flood. He will be sadly missed by all of us who had the pleasure of playing with him. The Funeral will take place at Tunbridge Wells Crematorium on Wednesday 16th July at 12.30 and afterwards at the Plough Public House in Leigh.
Donations in Teds memory can be made to the Hospice in the Weald.


Tom Young
On behalf of the Council of Management.


Kent County Indoor Bowling Association


If you would like to be considered to play in any of their matches please go to the Competition Entry Form page and download an application form.

All completion details are shown on the form.

Alec Newberry – Men’s Secretary – 8th July.

Trip to Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium. Saturday 29th November 2014.

The cost is £40 includes a Christmas 3 Course Meal, Entrance Fee, Race Card and return coach from the  bowls club.

Excellent Value for money!

Places do go quickly so please book early to ensure your seats. All tables are window seats.

Deposit of £10 per person will be required by 1st August 2014.

Please contact Wendy Ward – 01732 500042 or email me at  wonderward1@gmail.com

Fixtures – Summer & Next Winter.

In anticipation of the Club opening, in time for the Winter Season, we have now put a complete list of forthcoming Fixtures on the 2014-2015 Fixture page.

In the meanwhile the Summer matches are continuing well but players and in particular skips are needed. If you would like to play please contact Jim Parker on 01622 870239 or Cyril Stares on 01892 540875 .   A list of the fixtures can be found on the Summer Fixture page.