The various League matches are starting. Please check with your captains if you haven’t received your details of when you are playing.


Have heard that the final total for last Friday’s event is £794.42 which is being made up to a round £800!

This is absolutely amazing and thanks are due to so many people that we can’t list them all for fear of leaving someone out.  Not least we must thank the Club for allowing us to charge for their coffees!



Just thought I’d let you know how we got on this morning.  At the last count, we had in the coffers £761.17 with a little more trickling in from sales of coffees today in aid of our charity!  How about that?

Thanks to all those who came along this morning, all our helpers and all our Star Bakers who baked so nobly for us (they know who they are!).  Also many thanks to Paul and Mel for their efforts on our behalf.

I’ll let you know the final total when it is all in.



The above annual event will take place at the Club on Friday 25th September, from 10.30am until 1 o’clock and all members and friends are cordially invited to come along and support this very worthy cause.

We would be grateful for donations of cakes, etc., raffle prizes and items for a Bring and Buy stall which we will introduce this year.

As usual tickets for the raffle will be on sale at the bar during the week.

Edna Partridge.