Playing in GREYS for Friendly games.

We are trying to arrange with other clubs that the HOME friendly games are to be played in Greys.  It may not be possible to change all the friendly games this season to be played in greys, so would you please look carefully at the boards, where you put your names down, to see if it has been possible to make the change.

The first game to be changed to play in GREYS is the Kent Police game on the 5th November.


Just turn up and Play

for a fun afternoon of bowling.

As from Thursday 23rd October 2014

By Popular Request the time is now returned to 2.30 to 5.00 p.m.

All welcome, particularly our newer members.

£4.40 per person for green fees and Tea or Coffee and biscuits.

Waitrose – Green Tokens

Waitrose in Tonbridge have kindly added us into their Community Support scheme starting the1st October through till the 31st October.

Every month £1000 pounds is split between the 3 different organisations where the green tokens are put into the boxes. The money is worked out based on who gets the most tokens.

Please shop in Waitrose as often as you can from the 1st to the 31st October and collect lots of green tokens and put into our box. The more we collect the more money we get.

September Triples Finals

Our new club and winter bowling season started off with a fanfare of very good bowling with the September Triples.

Sixteen triples took part and first round losers went through to the ‘plate’ competition.

The finals were played on Friday evening with two very close games.

 Plate Competition

The runners up :-Phil Colyer, Paul Carter and Gary Armour

Winners:- Jean Bassano, Eddie Kean and Jean Aldridge

September Open Triple Competition

Runners up:- Joan Campbell, Isabel Manktelow and Val Harvey 

Winners:- Graham Standley, Kim Saxton and Maggie Standley ( Duncan Hanmore, sub at final)

, Kim Saxton, Duncan Hanmore, and Graham Standley

, Kim Saxton, Duncan Hanmore, and Graham Standley