It's getting closer. Opening Day - Saturday 13th September at 11.30. Keep watching - more detail’s coming soon.


It has now been 243 days since the disastrous flood that robbed us of playing bowls and socialising with friends at the club. I am sure for most members it seems like a lifetime ago since we were able to enjoy all the things that the Angel Indoor Bowls Club had to offer. For the Directors of the club it seems like two lifetimes ago since it happened! Since December 24th our lives have been completely taken over getting the club up and running again. We have spent literally 100s of hours, and a few sleepless nights, getting to where we are now. But we know it will all be worth it once the club opens and is buzzing again.
But now we need your help!
Once the club opens we cannot function without green stewards. For various reasons 13 Green Stewards from last year are not continuing this year. We therefore are looking for volunteers to cover these positions. Basically being a Green Steward involves taking rink fees and making rink bookings for members. Each session is for two and a half hours and you do one session per week, one month on, one month off. Approximately 16 sessions per year. Can you help? If you think you would struggle to do a regular session, could you share a session with a partner for example? The club cannot survive without people who are willing to be Captains, committee members, organisers of leagues and weekly rollups etc. So could this be your chance to help.
Please give it serious consideration and if you can help please contact the Chief Green Steward, Jim Hawkes on 01732 362407, Gina at the Angel Office or me on 01732 351468

Tom Young
On behalf of the Council of Management.
August 28th 2014

Recovering from the Christmas Eve flood

Less than 3 weeks to go!
Yes, we are nearly there after 8 months of heartache and frustration. Unfortunately the builders have still got outstanding work to do and will not complete before September 1st. After that we will have to work flat out to get all the furnishings in and the office set up. All the flood defence work has now been completed and hopefully our Insurance Company will take this into consideration when we renew our policy. With regard to our claim, many more hours will have to be spent on collating what our losses have been since the flood. This is a mammoth task and we suspect the claim will not be fully settled for several months to come. Because of this the board will have to monitor the budget very closely and keep costs down as low as possible until our financial position become’s clearer.
However, when the claim is settled, we have no reason to believe that the club will not be in a healthy financial position once more and we can all look forward to spending many happy hours bowling and socialising with friends at the Angel.

Subscription Renewal Notices.
There has been a slight delay in sending out the notices but hopefully they will be sent out this week. This is a very busy time for the staff normally, but because we are still using the outside office it makes things much more difficult. When you come to pay your subscriptions can you please put them in the letter box near the main entrance door. As you will appreciate the staff will be very busy settling in to the new office and dealing with renewals, so entry into the club is restricted until September 13th. Your co-operation in this matter would be very much appreciated.
Completed membership documents, new car stickers, locker keys and bowls stickers will be put in the new pigeon hole box in the entrance hall on and after September 13th.

Email Addresses. 
Can I please remind you that if you want to help us keep our costs down, you can receive your correspondence by email. Please inform the Angel Office at Click Here
if you wish to do so.

Grand Opening.
The various committees are working on the Grand Opening that will take place on September 13th. As soon as the plans are finalised members will be informed.

Macmillan Big Coffee Morning.

Would you kindly add info for our Macmillan Big Coffee Morning in your next Newsletter?  It will be held at the Club on Friday 26th September 2014 between 10 am and 12 noon and all are welcome to come and join us and help us raise funds for this very worthy cause.  We would of course be grateful for donations of cakes and raffle prizes.

Hilda Burtenshaw has organised this event at the Club for the past 20 years and we would like to thank her for all her hard work over those years in raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Care.

Kind regards, Edna Partridge

Social Club.
With the club soon to open, Mandy and Paul are interested in what you would like as social events. We’d love to run quiz nights, comedy nights, race nights and bingo. But we are looking for your confirmation that this is what you would like. And do you have any other ideas? Suggestions will be most welcome.
 We know that a lot of our members support their outdoor club with social events, but don’t support the Angel with ours. Why is that? Any money raised goes towards the club, so why would ours sometimes be less popular than the outdoor club’s events. Especially during the Winter Season. We’d love to hear your feedback.
 Kind Regards
Paul Gent

Tom Young,
On behalf of the Council Of Management.


September Triples.
Following the success of the September Triples last year we will be running it again this year. Teams can be any combination of male or female. Depending on the number of entrants there will be a Plate competition for first round losers. The finals will be held on Friday 26th September. Again, depending on how many entries we get, some first round matches may be played on the 19th September. Matches will start at 8pm unless all players agree to play at a different time. Entry fees are £6 per team and every player will be entered in a free raffle for a £75 Kwik-Fit voucher to be spent at the Tonbridge Branch. The draw for this will be held on the night of the final.
Closing date will be September 13th. Entry forms will be available in the club office or can be downloaded from this website from the Competition Entry Forms Page. As the club office is only open in the mornings if you are having difficulty obtaining a form please contact Val Harvey or Tom Young

League Programme.
Can I please ask all captains of league teams to  get in touch with their league stewards asap and let them know that they are putting in teams, or, if not, who would take over their team. 
If anyone wants to join a league please let me know and I will put them in contact with team captains that need players.
Malcolm Ward – Angel (Tonbridge) I.B.C. – League Secretary
Tel: 01732 500042 Or to send a message CLICK HERE

Members who had lockers before the flood will be issued with new keys when they have renewed their membership. Their new lockers will have the same numbers and be in exactly the same position. There are a few spare lockers available and should you require one, please contact the club office. Access to the lockers will be available from September 14th.

Men’s Committee AGM

This will be held in the Club on 17th September at 7.30pm.

A committee proposal being put forward at the coming Men’s AGM is:-


Winter League Rules.

 Current Rule 10

10 Casting An Illegal Jack An illegal cast jack. It can be returned to the mat end for the

other lead to cast and centre. The mat can be replaced by the other lead within the Laws of the

Sport. Should the second delivered Jack be illegal, the opposing skip should place the Jack 2

metres from the front ditch edge on the centre line. The mat can be replaced by the original

lead to a length within the Laws of the Sport ruling.


Proposed change for AGM to consider.

10 Casting An Illegal Jack The following ruling will take place. The Jack will be placed on

the Tee 2 Metres on the centre line from the edge of the front ditch. The Opposing Skip can

direct their lead to place the mat on the centre line within the Laws of the Sport ruling.

(Minimum 23 metres from the front edge of the mat to the front edge of the Jack)


This is for time saving. After the first illegal jack is cast, the opposing lead does not deliver the second jack. This gives an advantage to the opposing skips to place the mat at their preferred length, for a wrongly cast jack.


Can you help the Disabled Section.

Our small band of helpers at Sevenoaks have been very supportive, but we shall be needing more ‘helpers’ to assist with twice the number of bowlers we have been looking after at Sevenoaks when disabled bowling starts again at The Angel.

 If anyone (previous helper or new volunteer) can join the happy band on Friday mornings please let us know.

 If you can help us please telephone 01732 352835 or CLICK HERE to send us a message.

 Your club needs you!

 Peter & Margaret Swan