June Newsletter No. 44


Please ensure that your bowls shoes have flat smooth soles and are not ridged or textured.  Shoes sold specifically for bowls are of course acceptable but if you have another pair of shoes you wish to wear you can have soles applied that are suitable for bowls.  Most shoe repairers will do this at a reasonable cost.

This is important to avoid damage to our bowls surface, which is very costly to clean and maintain and is the most expensive item in the club.  For the same reason, it is important not to go outside in your bowls shoes, even if they look clean and grit free when you come back in. The club will shortly be purchasing plastic overshoes to slip on over your bowls shoes if you need to go outside for any reason.


We are sorry to announce the passing of Ken Lacey, and our thoughts and condolences go to Sylvia Lacey at this sad time.

Many of you will also remember Betty Wright, who was a stalwart of ladies’ matches and the Tuesday league for many years, and whose death we are also sad to announce.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fund raising for the Air Ambulance last season.  The money was raised by the collecting tins on the tables at matches and also by the Presidents’ Day.  The total raised was £524.73 and we have received grateful thanks and a poster showing the amount from Air Ambulance, which is on display on the noticeboard.


Many thanks to everyone who took part in the recent sponsored darts evening in the bowls club and of course an extra special thanks to all their generous sponsors. We managed to raise an excellent £770. This event was organised by a local Lions club with the money raised going to various local charities including The Red Cross and Hospital Radio.

If anyone who wasn’t badgered by our darts players feels moved to donate, contributions can be left with Paul at the bar.

100 CLUB

The draw in May was delayed due to allowing a period of grace for members renewing their membership and reconciling the numbers remaining in the draw.

Several members have not renewed their membership either by choice or oversight. If any member is in any doubt about their membership please could they check with Tony Wheeler.

As a result of its reduced membership the 100 Club could do with additional members as the membership is only covering the Prize Money by a small margin. You can join at any time of the year and your number will be in that month’s draw. Membership application forms can be obtained from the bar.


This edition of the newsletter is rather thin.  Please let me have contributions even in the summer months, when your thoughts may run more to holidays and outdoor bowling!

Contributions please Click Here to contact Gwen  or via “S” in the pigeonholes.  Many thanks,
Gwen Smithies

May 2017 newsletter No 43

Brian Simmons Skills.
This year’s competition was held on 18th March 2017. Nine junior members took part and the results were very close. The prestigious trophy is split between Under 11s and 12-17 years old. The U11s winner was Elliot Williams aged 11 with 29 points, followed closely by Thomas Russell with a score of 28. The 12-17s winner was Jack Young who was also the overall winner with 50 points. Lewis Goldup was the runner up with 43 points.
Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers
I would like to thank you all so much for the amazing number of vouchers that has been collected. I was not expecting so many! We now have enough to get what we wanted and more. Thank you for supporting the junior section.
Junior EBYDS Southern Regional Finals
After reaching the semi-finals at the EBYDS Skills competition Lewis Goldup was invited to the County School of Excellence on 23rd April.
The morning consisted of three singles matches where he won all three. The afternoon “skills” session took its toll on all the juniors that took part. Lewis ended the long day just 6 points behind the overall winner. Well done.
Lorna Goldup
Junior Co-ordinator


The finals weekend was a great success. It was well attended and there was some really excellent play to watch.  Full details of the winners and runners-up are available on the club website, which is always well worth a visit: http://www.angelibc.co.uk/ .
The raffle was also very popular and there were some super prizes.  Well done to the organisers and all those who contributed prizes and bought tickets.

All in all it was a splendid end to the winter season.


You will see the competition sheets on the Notice Board next to the swing doors into the bowls hall.  Please give it a go this summer – we are serious about playing bowls in the summer but not so serious that we can’t relax and enjoy it! We offer you Ladies, Mens and Mixed Singles, Drawn Pairs and Drawn Triples.

This year will be the first time we have introduced a mixed pairs competition for new members and those who have never won an indoor bowls trophy of any kind.  This is in memory of our Cyril Stares who was a loyal supporter of our club and particularly of our summer bowling.

Entry forms are in the box under the competition section of the Notice Board and should be posted together with your entry fees in the Competition Box marked for the attention of Bernadette Bullen, our Treasurer.  Closing date for entries is Friday 2nd June.

From your Summer Bowls Committee
(Note from Ed: I have always enjoyed playing in these competitions which are great fun and am furious with myself for inadvertently booking a holiday to coincide with the finals, so I can’t enter.  Please do put your name down.  Even if you have never done it before you will be made very welcome and will enjoy playing with different players.)

My wife and I are now in our sixth year of running the Friday morning sessions, having taken over from Derek and Mavis Rhoden on 1st. January 2012. Although we are happy to carry on (all things being equal) for a while yet, the time will come when new organisers will have to be found. Given the age of many of our loyal helpers the next leaders may need to come from the wider membership of the Angel (Tonbridge) Indoor Bowls Club.
One practical concern has been how few of us are now fit enough to prepare the rinks for play to begin at 9.30, particularly by handling the large sheets of hardboard which have been in use for some time to protect the carpet. These have not been easy to manhandle in and out of the cupboard where they live. The solution we came up with was to cut the boards down, thus making them rather easier to store and to carry. Roy Robinson’s skill with the saw made this possible and is much appreciated.
In the past we have been crying out for additional helpers but at present our bowling numbers have been so decimated by illness in particular (and by the move to Norfolk of one of our star players, Robin Jessop ) that the balance has tipped in the other direction if and when all the regular helpers are available.
Two or three of our former helpers (some going back a few years) have died over the past twelve months … we remember with gratitude the service given by Cyril Stares, Doug Cook and Dot Groombridge, and also appreciated Dave Biddlecombe’s willingness to step in when we were short of help on Friday mornings. Please forgive me if there is anyone we have forgotten.
We normally operate on 4 of the 6 rinks nowadays, so there is room for a few more physically disabled bowlers to join us. It is sad to hear of club members giving up their hobby of many years rather than seeing their way to at least giving Friday mornings a go. A message (email) to Margaret or myself Click Here is all it takes. If the response means we need more helpers then we trust other, fitter club members will step up to the plate (sorry, wrong game!)
As ever, our grateful thanks to the regular band who make it all possible.
Peter and Margaret Swan

Our lost property box is overflowing again.  Any items unclaimed by JUNE 1st will be taken to a charity shop, sold for club funds or otherwise disposed of.  Please check by the above date for items you have lost.
It is amazing what can remain unclaimed.   Paul has behind the bar for safekeeping two items of higher value: a small black leather purse/wallet with quite a bit of small change and an Accurist quartz men’s watch with gold strap.  If either of these are yours, please claim them by JUNE 1st.

It was gratifying to see the restaurant so full towards the end of the winter season.  I have a photo showing every seat taken on Finals weekend but unfortunately it is not of printable quality.  Sunday lunches are only £8.25 for two courses, including a choice of two roasts and a range of what I would call proper puddings, which I think is excellent value.  Please continue to support our hardworking caterers through the summer months, whether you are bowling outdoors or indoors.  After all, you still need to eat!


On SEPTEMBER 8TH at 7.30 there will be a Jazz Evening in the restaurant.  The Jazz Duo is called Java Jam and the cost, to be advised, will include a three-course meal.  Keep this date free and further details will be published nearer the time.

And finally…
I love collecting bowls sayings.  Here are three of my favourites.
When a bowler sent up her third “pineapple” of the game, her skip called in exasperation “You’d do better if you took them out of the box!”
When asked by the skip what shot he wanted him to play next, his number three replied “Just the same, only luckier.”
The very first time I played bowls, I heard a very elderly lady call up to the equally elderly gentleman who was about to bowl “You know you knocked me up?”  Which has a completely different meaning outside the bowls world…
Please let me have your favourites too.

Deadline for submissions for the June issue is June 10th.

RESULTS of Competition Finals Weekend 22nd and 23rd April