November 2017 Newsletter No 49

Club competitions are an important part of the life of the club and great fun to enter.  You do not have to be an ace player to join in.  I entered in my second year of bowling and was fortunate enough to get drawn with players on top form, so that we won both the ladies’ pairs and the ladies’ triples that year.  That was all a very long time ago, but the point is I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, was made very welcome and improved my game in the process.

The closing date for entries is about now but entry forms are still available if you hurry, in both changing rooms and on the board by the entrance to the bowls hall.  Give it a go!

Regrettably there have been a few incidents in the car park recently where cars have been damaged and the persons responsible have driven off without reporting the incident or leaving contact details.

As an example, damage to Jane Cogle’s car on Tuesday 24th October between 9.15 and 12.15am resulted in a bill for over £200.00 to repair dents to both doors.

It behoves us all to take great care in the car park and to report any incident which we were involved in or witnessed, preferably to the owner of the car, but if not, at least to reception or the office.

The club desperately needs another umpire.  When we hold National or County inter-club competitions, such as the Yetton Trophy or Denny Cup games, we are meant to have an umpire on duty.

It is an interesting position to hold and involves checking bowls before the game and measuring when required by the players.  You get to watch some fine play and there is usually a free meal at the end of it!  There would be no cost to you to qualify.

If you are interested in finding out more, please approach Dawn Slater or Alec Newberry for more details.  If you don’t know who they are, the Office, Green Stewards or Paul Buss can point them out to you.

This position is also vacant.  It is not an arduous post as most fixtures simply follow a set pattern but we do need someone to oversee the continuing arrangement and booking of matches from year to year.

Anyone willing to consider taking on this post, please speak to Alec Newberry, Secretary of the Men’s committee.


We need volunteers to help with Bowling Functions and Corporate Events to show potential new members how to try this fun hobby.  If you could spare some time we would be grateful for your name, contact number and availability. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the office or Elizabeth Kemp. Many thanks in advance in supporting this club and helping us introduce the sport to everyone!


We are pleased to welcome the following as new sponsors for our club, and to thank them for their support:
Chalk n Cheese Roofing and Loft Conversions, and
Elite Cleaning Limited (who do a splendid job cleaning our club).

Editor’s note
I would love to report on bowling successes and the big National and County games.  Don’t forget to email me your results to click here

Cockney Night November 3rd

Would those who have booked tickets for the Cockney night please let the kitchen know as soon as possible whether you want pie and mash, fish and chips or quiche. This will enable the staff to order supplies.
Eat, sing and be merry!